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Kazakhstan’s ceramic tile plant refurbished

Khromtau town entrance. Photo courtesy of fotka.ru Khromtau town entrance. Photo courtesy of fotka.ru
Kazakhstan government helped renovate the country's only ceramic tile plant was refurbished in Khromtau town of Aktobe oblast, Khabar reports.
The plant declared bankruptcy in 2009, several years after opening, as it wailed to withstand the competition. Then it remained idle for some time and then it was refurbished. Procurement of new equipment restarted its conveyor, increased its capacity and expand the assortment of products. The plant now capable of producing up to 1 million square meters of tile a year. The company created 160 jobs. The products of Khromtau plant are now seenin many apartments and state buildings of Kazakhstan. The tiles are now of fine quality and the price is competitive, the management says. The plant got a 220 million tenge ($1.4 million) loan for the refurbishment. Thanks to the state support is only pays 3 interest on the loan out of the set 10 percent and the remaining 7 percent are paid by Damu Entrepreneurship Development Fund.