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Governor tells about plans to turn Shymkent into metropolis 13 декабря 2013, 18:56

Akim (Governor) of South Kazakhstan Oblast told about the plans to transform Shymkent city into a metropolis.
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Shymkent. Photo courtesy of vesti.kz Shymkent. Photo courtesy of vesti.kz
Akim (Governor) of South Kazakhstan Oblast has shared the plans of transforming Shymkent city into a metropolis, Tengrinews reports citing yesterday's briefing at the Central Communication Service headquarters. According to Governor Askar Myrzakhmetov, an action plan to build a new administrative and business center in the city has been approved. 3.63 square kilometers of land has been allocated for the construction. "Five main buildings that are expect to have a multiplicative effect are being constructed now. These are: new headquarters for the Oblast Akimat (local administration) and Maslikhat (local representational body) and regional Ceremonial Palace Turkestan. Two other buildings, Regional Library Otyrar and the Exhibition Center, have already been commissioned. A new drama theater is also being constructed," Myrzakhmetov said. He added that constriction of these buildings was funded from the Oblast's budget. Funding from the national budget is going to be used solve problems with the infrastructure, the Akim (Governor) said. More than 2 billion tenge ($13 million) has been allocated for the purpose. However, the actual transformation of the southern city of Shymkent into a metropolis will be affected through private investments, Myrzakhmetov said. Askar Myrzakhmetov added that there was a problem of overpopulation in the region. Some time ago it was proposed to resettle some of the residents of South Kazakhstan Oblast to North Kazakhstan Oblast. But according to the Governor the effect of this step is still being evaluated and the region is considering improving management of its internal migration flows in the meanwhile. Kazakhstan recently declared its intention to develop four metropolises. Two of them are Astana and Almaty and Shymket is the third one. According to Kazakhstan's President the fourth city must be a western one. There two large cities in Kazakhstan's west - Aktau and Atyrau, with latter being the large and more developed one.

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