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Beauty care products based on mare's milk 02 января 2015, 13:44

Mare’s milk will be used in production of beauty care products in Akmola Oblast.
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Photo courtesy of blogspot.com Photo courtesy of blogspot.com

Mare’s milk will be used in production of beauty care products in Akmola Oblast, Tengrinews reports citing the Galymzhan Meirambekov of the construction firm.

The new factory opens in Spring 2015. As of now, 80% of the construction work has been completed. A farm was equipped and prepared for 300 mares. In a year, the number of mares will be increased to 1000. At the first stage, the factory will produce only powered milk.

Meirambekov explained that a German technology of milk sublimating would be used at the factory. “Fresh milk loses its properties after 20 minutes. This technology preserves the milk along with its useful properties for a longer time,” Meirambekov said.

Factories producing fermented milk products and baby food will be opened at the second stage. The producers noted similarities between mare’s milk and breast milk.

In addition, mare’s milk has a rejuvenating effect, decreases risks of cardiovascular and oncological illnesses and removes toxins from the body.

These useful qualities will be preserved in beauty products made from mare’s milk. The factory will also produce shower gels, moisturizes, lotions and soap made from local products. Meirambekov added that these kinds of products could be especially useful in large cities with poor environmental conditions.

Kazakhstan’s Academy of Nutrition is also working on the project. Earlier, the Head of the Academy Toregeldy Sharmanov said that local factories would produce space food from mare’s milk. One of the key goals of the project is to export powdered mare’s milk to Germany and France. The UAE, South Korea and China, too, expressed interest in importing mare’s milk.

Reporting by Dmitry Khegai. Writing by Gyuzel Kamalova

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