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Aktau no longer candidate to host nuclear power plant 17 февраля 2014, 16:07

Kazakhstan's nuclear power plant is not going to be constructed in Aktau city of Mangistau Oblast.
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Photo courtesy of vesti.kz Photo courtesy of vesti.kz
Kazakhstan's nuclear power plant is not going to be constructed in Aktau city of Mangistau Oblast, Tengrinews reports citing Interfax-Kazakhstan. "The final decision on the location of the plant has not been made yet. But the interim government commission has already met to hear the reports of the three candidate-regions including the Mangystau Oblast. In his speech the Akim (Governor) of Mangistau Oblast Alik Aidarbayev presented arguments against choosing Aktau city and the city will no longer we considered a candidate," Kazakhstan Senator Mikhail Bortnik told Interfax-Kazakhstan. Speaking about the the arguments Senator Bortnik said that he was not present at the meeting, but the most likely reasons could be "anxiety of the populations, and lose of advantages the city has, including qualified personnel." "Besides, there are good nuclear experts in Kurchatov city in Eastern Kazakhstan," he added. Kurchatov is a traditional location for Kazakhstan's nuclear industry. Aktau city was even considered as a location for the new nuclear power plant because it used to host a similar reactor decades earlier. In November 2006 the Government of Kazakhstan adopted a resolution to start preparing for construction of a nuclear power plant on the base of the former fast-neutron reactor in Mangistau Oblast, 10km from Aktau city. The reactors was stopped a long time ago and the remaining fuel is still being utilised. The formed plant became part of KazAtomProm national atomic company of Kazakhstan. At that point it was planned to constructed a power plant based on a medium-sized VBER-300 reactor produced by Russia and Europe. Russia promised to complete a feasibility study for the atomic power plant project in 2009. However, in February 2009 Kazakhstan Government suspended the project until the time the issues related to transfer of intellectual property transfer from Russia are regulated. In January Kazakhstan's President Nursultan Nazarbayev instructed the Government to made a decision on the location of the plant before the end of the 1st quarter of 2014.

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