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Akhmetov recommended Semey leather factory to produce Uggs 21 января 2013, 15:58

Kazakhstan Prime-Minister Serik Akhmetov expressed interest in Kazakhstan's leather-producing plant in Semey.
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Director of the leather plant. Photo by Tengrinews.kz© Director of the leather plant. Photo by Tengrinews.kz©
During the meeting with entrepreneurs of East Kazakhstan Prime-Minister Serik Akhmetov expressed interest in the work of leather-producing plant in Semey, Tengrinews.kz reports. “When will Semey people wear sheepskin coats?” Akhmetov asked the plant’s Director Zhumagazy Rakhimgaliyev. The Director said: “Soon”, and added that the production process is divided into three stages. “Leather production is the first, then sheepskin coats and then shoes. We are producing leather now,” Rakhimgaliyev said. “What’s the problem?” Prime-Minister said. “What do you need to have the plant working at full scale? The goods are of high demand in our climate. Your coats would have been sold out during December’s 15 days of severe colds. All felt boots were sold out, this means that your coats would have been sold for sure. Semey should be producing the Uggs, whereas we are importing them from Australia instead. The are not difficult to make. The Uggs can be distributed around Kazakhstan and Russia as a Semey brand.” “We signed a credit line with the development bank in 2008. Then the financing got delayed. The plant's operations have been halted, the company has no cash reserves. The financing has not been fully provided. Earlier we had 860 employees. Right now we have only 35. We have to relaunch the plant and finish what we started. The company has modern Italian equipment. There is second plant like this in Kazakhstan,” the Director told Akhmetov. Kazakhstan Prime-Minister instructed his subordinates, the Development Bank and all the involved persons to discuss everything and give the answer in a month time on when Semey leather plant will start working. Many problems were voiced during the meeting. Akhmetov promised entrepreneurs to deal with all the problems and support them. Besides, the Prime-Minister instructed to open the Entrepreneurs’ Support Center and the Center for Investors’ Support and Services by July 1, 2013 in Semey. Akhmetov then plans to visit the companies in Ust-Kamenogorsk, Zyryanovsk and Glubovsk region.

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