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4 new productions launched at Pavlodar plants 08 января 2014, 14:03

4 new production units were launched at Pavlodar plants in December.
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Pavlodar Petrochemical plant. Tengrinews.kz file photo. Pavlodar Petrochemical plant. Tengrinews.kz file photo.
4 new production units have been put into service in Pavlodar, Tengrinews reports citing KazTag and the Head of the Internal Policies Department of Pavlodar Oblast Baurzhan Kapenov. The launches were timed to the celebration of the First President Day on December 1. “A nitric acid unit at Pavlodar Petrochemical Plant, a bolt press at Format Mach Company's plant, a wide rolling mill at KSP Steel pipe rolling plant and later on December 9 an baked anode plant will be launched,” Mr. Kapenov said at the briefing before the unveiling ceremonies. Construction of the nitric acid unit at Pavlodar Petrochemical Plant was completed on November 28. It replaced an old unit that had been in operation for over 30 years. The $6.5 million unit is capable of producing 1.2 thousand cubic meters of nitrogen gas and 75 cubic meters of oxygen an hour using equipment imported from the United States, Italy and China. It supplies nitrogen to the existing parts of the refinery and will also provide for the parts to be commissioned after the refinery's modernization. It will be part of the plan to bring oil processing to 7 million tons a year and its depth to 90%. Besides, the unit has cryogenic tanks for storage of liquid nitrogen and oxygen. The baked anode plant is part of the Electrolysis Plant in Pavlodar. The new plant capable of producing 136 thousand tons of anodes a year cost $300 million. It has 19 production units and created 470 new jobs. The new plant supplies anodes to the electrolysis plant for production of aluminum. It is a very important step, because before the new plant was commissioned the anodes had been imported from China.
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