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Most of Kazakhstan residents didn’t get a rise of salary in 2011 26 декабря 2011, 16:07

Most of Kazakhstan residents haven’t got a rise of salary in 2011.
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Most of Kazakhstan residents haven’t got a rise of salary in 2011, Tengrinews.kz reports, referring to Mojazarplata.kz . The statistics shows that an average salary in Kazakhstan has increased by 13 195 tenge in 2011. However 57.46% of residents polled say that they haven’t got a wage hike this year and 13.1% say their salary has been cut. In particular, Kazakhstan judges were dissatisfied with their salaries and working conditions. Their average monthly wages in regional courts amounted to 190 000 tenge ($1283). Almost two billion dollars has been allocated to raise state employees’ salaries this year. As a result teachers’ wages increased by 20-30% country-wide. Earlier Tengrinews.kz reported that an average nominal wage in Kazakhstan amounted to 90 980 tenge ($615) in October 2011 and it was 17% higher than October 2010 salary. Have you got a salary increase this year? You can fill in a questionnaire in Russian here .

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