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Kazakhstan Religious Affairs Agency to receives 1 billion tenge in 2013 26 февраля 2013, 12:24

The Agency's budget for 2013 grew 1.5-fold comparing to 2012: executive secretary.
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Photo by Danial Okassov© Photo by Danial Okassov©
Kazakhstan Agency for Religious Affairs will receive almost 1 billion tenge ($6.7 million) in 2013, Tengrinews.kz reports citing the Agency's executive secretary Malik Murzalin. "The budget for 2013 has made 760 million tenge ($5.07 million). We will receive additional 132 million tenge ($880 thousand) under the 006 Program from the Foreign Ministry for the Agency to hold 4 international events. Last year this amount equaled to only 4 million tenge ($27 thousand). So the Agency's budget for 2013 grew 1.5-fold larger than in 2012," he said. According to Murzalinov, the increased funding is intended for development of international cooperation, opinion surveys, researches and analysis in religion. The funding for these purposes will make 123.5 million tenge ($823 thousand) in 2013, compared to last year's 46 million tenge ($307 thousand). "This year we will significantly improve the material-technical equipment of the Agency. In 2012 we received only 22.5 million tenge ($150 thousand), while this year's budget is 75 million tenge ($500 thousand). 52.5 million tenge ($350 thousand) of these funds will be used to procure Kazakhstan-made vehicles for our territorial departments," Malik Murzalin said. By Shynar Ospanova

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