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Kazakhstan National Bank released eagle-owl coin with diamond 19 октября 2012, 14:16

The National Bank of Kazakhstan has released commemorative Eagle-Owl and Panther coins.
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Commemorative Eagle-owl coin. Commemorative Eagle-owl coin.
The National Bank of Kazakhstan has released a commemorative Eagle-Owl coin with a diamond mounting (nominal value is 500 tenge) and a Panther coin with a nominal value of 100 tenge, Tengrinews.kz reports, citing the National Bank of Kazakhstan press-service. Both coins are made of proof-quality gold. Kazakhstan emblem is depicted at the obverse of the Eagle-Owl coin and underneath the emblem there is a lettering sayting “500 tenge”. The coin has a prominent edging with the “Republic of Kazakhstan” lettering. An eagle-owl’s head is depicted on the verso of the coin. A diamond is mounted in one of the bird’s eyes. "Eagle Owl" lettering is goes circumferentially on the left and upper parts of the coin. The emblem of Kazakhstan is depicted in the center of the Panther coin’s obverse. “100 tenge” is written in the bottom and “Kazakhstan Ulttyk Banki” (“National Bank of Kazakhstan” in Kazakh) is written circumferentially on the obverse size. Two snow leopards are depicted on the back of the rocky mountain on the verso of the coin. The coin weighs 1.24 grams and has a diameter of 13.92 millimeters. Earlier the National Bank released Mantis, the Little Round Bun and Nauryz Holiday coins.

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