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Kazakhstan intends to increase salaries and allowances 16 февраля 2014, 12:37

Salaries of civil employees working in public institutions and social allowances will be increased in Kazakhstan from April 1, 2014.
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©Marat Abilov ©Marat Abilov
Salaries of civil employees working in public institutions and social allowances will be increased in Kazakhstan starting from April 1, 2014, Tengrinews reports. "I herewith instruct the government to provide a monthly supplement payment in the amount of 10% of the salary of civil servants employed in public institutes and state-owned public enterprise starting from April 1, 2014," Nursultan Nazarbayev told the government during a meeting in the end of last week. Civil servants in Kazakhstan are people employed by public schools and universities, state-run R&D institutes, public healthcare organisations, public cultural institutes and centers, state-funded sportsmen and social security workers. The President reminded that in his State-of-the-Nation address earlier this year he promised to introduce a new model of payroll accounting for civil servants in July 2015. "With both raises taken together, the increase civil servants' salaries will make 36-52%, depending on their qualification and area of employment," he said at last week's meeting. He instructed to bring the increase of welfare transfers made by government to 12% starting from April 2014 (the allowances were increased by 7% in January 1, 2014). He also instructed to increased targeted social assistance by 12%, up study allowances by 10% and raise pensions by 14% starting from April 2014. "Look through the budget once again and eliminate the inefficient expenses," Nazarbayev said, instructing the government on sources of the additional funding. Nazarbayev has called large companies to raise salaries of their personnel, especially industrial workers, by 10%. "I herewith instruct Samruk-Kazyna Fund and the companies that are managed by the fund to provide a 10% increase of salaries for industrial workers starting from April 1, 2014. Only those involved in the actual production, not the office personnel. (...) Yesterday I called the large (private) companies of Kazakhstan that work in mining and oil to consider raising their workers' wages by 10%. I hope that other companies, including our mid-sized businesses, will also support their employees," he added. By Renat Tashkinabayev

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