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RosKosmos asks for 15 days to finish detoxification at Baikonur 19 августа 2013, 11:38

Kazakhstan Environmental Protection Minister Nurlan Kapparov made a trip to Kyzylorda obast on August 15.
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Crash site of Proton-M carrier rocket. Photo by Baubek Konyrov© Crash site of Proton-M carrier rocket. Photo by Baubek Konyrov©
RosKosmos (Russian Space Agency) has requested another 15 days to complete detoxification of the territory in Baikonur. The detoxification is required after Russian Proton rocket-launcher carrying satellites crashed back on Baikonur minutes after liftoff, Tengrinews.kz reports citing the Ministry’s press-service. Kazakhstan Environmental Protection Minister Nurlan Kapparov visited Kyzylorda obast on August 15. Kapparov is leading the commission for supervision of elimination of the negative ecological consequences of the crash of the Proton-M carrier rocket at the territory of Baikonur on July 2, 2013. The commission was created by Kazakhstan Prime-Minister Serik Akhmetov. “Nurlan Kapparov was unhappy with the results and pace of the detoxification works at the territory. RosKosmos asked for 15 more days to complete the detoxification. "The Minister vowed that monitoring of the environment and resident of the villages neighboring Baikonur will continue to detect possible impact of the crash on the ecology and health of the residents. He called to speed up the talks on making the Kazakhstan Ecological Code applicable at the territory of Baikonur. "Kyzylorda oblast administration suggested to hold a round-table discussion of launches of Proton-M carrier rockets from Baikonur. Nurlan Kapparov supported this initiative and invited RosKosmos to take part in the discussion of the mutually important issues,” the press-service reported. During his visit to the area the Minister held a field meeting in Kyzylorda oblast with the oblast’s Akim (Governor) Krymbek Kusherbayev, heads of RosKosmos and representatives of central and local executive authorities. During the previous field meeting that took place on July 31, 2013 at Baikonur, First Vice-PM Bakhytzhan Sagintayev gave several instructions on the second stage of detoxification of the crash site. The concentration of the hazardous substance at the crash area was lowered from 660 to 130 according to Kazakhstan experts and from 130 to 10 to Russian experts estimates. Detoxification will continue until the according is scraped completely. Proton-M carrier rocket that was launched on July 2 was supposed to take three Glonass-M navigation satellites into the orbit. The rocket crashed and exploded not far from the launch pad inside Baikonur within minutes after the lift off. The accident was caused by a human error: sensors were improperly connected during the rocket's assembly.
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