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New Year weather in Kazakhstan to be snowy and frosty 30 декабря 2014, 17:46

On New Year holidays Kazakhstan is to expect snow and falling temperatures.
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Photo courtesy of strategy2050.kz Photo courtesy of strategy2050.kz

Winds and snow await Kazakhstan on the eve of the New Year, Tengrinews reports citing the press service of state weather company KazHydroMet.

"For New Year holidays the deep and active Black Sea cyclone, moving through the territory of Kazakhstan, will bring snow, in places strong blizzards, and west wind gusts that can reach 18-25 meters per second," the forecasters say.

According to the press service, the southern and eastern regions of Kazakhstan are also to expect the South Caspian cyclone, which will also bring snow, blizzard, and strong winds. Moreover, this one will create black ice, so everyone is advised to be extra-careful.

Temperatures will fall to 5-15 degrees Centigrade below zero at night, and to 0-5 degrees Centigrade below zero during the day.

In Kazakhstan's northern regions temperatures are expected to drop to 18-26 degrees below zero degrees Centigrade at night and 12-20 below zero during the day.

In Kazakhstan's west temperatures will fall to 15-23 degrees below zero.

A gradual increase in temperatures is expected in the east of the country: at night from 12-30 to 5-20 degrees Centigrade below zero, and during the day from 5-23 to 3-13 degrees below zero.

"For the holidays not to turn into a disaster, be careful," the meteorologists advise.
By Dinara Urazova


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