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100-year old plants still grow in Petropavlovsk Botanical Garden 24 сентября 2012, 18:04

Russian Colonel Nikolay Kurpatov brought exotic plants to Northern Kazakhstan in the beginning of the past century.
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Monstera deliciosa. ©Tengrinews Monstera deliciosa. ©Tengrinews
Petropavlovsk Botanical Garden has celebrated its 100th anniversary since its founding, Tengrinews.kz reports. Age old plants sweet bay, date palms, South American Yucca, Monstera, prickly pear, agave and many others still grow in the Garden. Petropavlovsk Botanical Garden was mentioned in 1912 for the first time, when Colonel Nikolay Kurapov, military production engineer, arrived in the city to construct the second Siberian Canning Factory. After the factory was up and running, a housekeeping unit was added to grow vegetables and spices. “We have requested a photograph dated 1912 from Saint-Petersburg Central Archive. It was edited for quality purposes in 1950. According to the file, date palms and sweet bays seedlings were sent to Omsk railroad station for the Siberian Canning Factory that was then under construction in Petropavlovsk. The history of the Botanic Garden began from those seedlings. All these plants were cultivated in Russia’s deep hothouses back then,” Ravil Ryazapov, Botanical Garden agriculturer said. Back then Kurapov brought 12 laurel plants that are still growing in the Garden. Several exotic plants such as Kunbagu cactus, South American Yucca and Monstera, date palms, vine shoot, bay laurel were delivered to Petropavlovsk Garden as well. All these plants are of the same age as the Petropavlovsk greenhouse. Russian Colonel Nikolay Kurpatov brought them to the Northern Kazakhstan from Saint-Petersburg Botanical Garden in the beginning of the past century. В оранжерее сейчас насчитывается около трех тысяч видов растений, привезенных из разных уголков мира: США, Вьетнама, Мексики. Как рассказал Равиль Рязапов, юбилей ботанического сада будет праздноваться весь год. “Yucca and Monstera deliciosa amazed everyone with their intensive blossoming this year. It has been in flower and already started to bear fruits this year. The date palms are one hundred years old as well. They grow both here in the Garden and at the railway station. All the plants that survived the years of war have St George Ribbons tied to them,” Ravil Ryazapov said. About three thousand plant species grow in the greenhouse at present. They were delivered from different parts of the world: from the United States, Vietnam, Mexico and many other countries. According to Ravil Ryazapov, the Garden’s anniversary will be celebrated during the whole year.

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