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20 tons of flour and 14 tons of potatoes dispatched to Karatau and Zhanatas 14 января 2013, 20:09

A stock of food and water for thousands of people have been dispatched to the disaster-hit region in South-Kazakhstan Oblast.
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20 tons of flour and 14 tons of potatoes have been dispatched to disaster-hit Karatau and Zhanatas of Zhambyl oblast, Tengrinews.kz reports citing the press-service of the oblast's Akim (Governor). Four thousand loaves of bread and food for 500 people have been sent to Karatau by cars. Another 11 thousand loaves of bread and food for 3 thousand people will be delivered by the Emergency Situations Ministry trasnsport. The oblast's stabilization fund has sent 7 tons of potatoes, 3 tons of rice, 1 ton of sugar, 1 ton of vegetable oil, 10 tons of flour and 1 ton of onions. Besides, natural gas supplies were restored for all 1,560 users in the region. The same amount of food has been sent to Zhanatas town. Water trucks with 23 thousand liters of fresh water have arrived to both towns from Taraz. Three fire-fighting cisterns with 150 thousand liters of technical water have bee dispatched from Zhambyl station and three cisterns with 180 thousand liters of fresh water have been sent from Shu station. On January 13 the oblast's construction department lined up and prepared 26 construction companies with 182 employees and 60 construction vehicles for restoration works in Zhanatas and Karatau. Besides, two fuel trucks with diesel fuel and petrol were sent to the emergency region. The restoration works at the boiler house Igilik in Karatau are still in process. Three crews with 30 people each are working at the site. The way to restore power supply is still being defined in Talas region. Almaty's company AZK is going to help the experts. Because of poor visibility and snowbanks, the regional command South has sent 5 heavy vehicles to escort the construction vehicles to Karatau and render them practical help at the site. Additional 14 tons of petrol and 10 tons of diesel fuel have been dispatched from the oblast's emergency situations reserve. The train has left Karaganda and is expected to arrive on January 14. The blackout in Talas and Saryssu region, as well as in Zhanatas town of Zhambyl oblast was caused by bad weather on January 12. The blackout than caused suspension of the central boiler house of Karatau at 07:15 a.m. An hour later its 60m-long concrete chimney collapsed into the area of the 5th (reserve) and 6th (main) water-heating boilers.

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