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Heating and hot food hubs operating 24/7 in disaster-hit Zhanatas 14 января 2013, 17:18

The state authorities are doing everything possible to eliminate the consequences of the storm in south Kazakhstan.
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Photo courtesy of ark.gov.ua Photo courtesy of ark.gov.ua
Heating and hot food hubs are working round the clock in Zhanatas town of Saryssu region of Zhambyl Oblast hit by the natural disaster, KazTAG reports. "The heating and hot food hubs are currently operating around the city. The plan is to get the local bakery working on a mobile power generator to produce up to 5 thousand loaves of bread a day," Akim (Governor) of Saryssu region Kanatbek Madibek said. According to him, the town has all the other resources required for the short haul. However, the town still lacks communications and electricity. Besides, The blackout caused a failure of the water intake station and the fresh water supplies stopped. The decision was made to stop the boiler house because of the lack of water. Water supply will be restored within 8 hours after the electricity is back on. Several cars with petrol, additional hot food hubs and tents have arrived in Zhanatas. Hundreds of soldiers were dispatched to the area to clean up the backlogs. The disaster damaged several multi-storey residential buildings in Zhanatas and tore off roofs from several private houses, one school, a kindergarten and a hospital. The blackout was caused by bad weather in Talas and Saryssu region, as well as in Zhanatas town of Zhambyl oblast on January 12. Karatau town has no electricity and central water supply. Over 1.5 thousand apartments are cut off from natural gas. 45 out of 84 patients of the local hospital were set back home. 4 seriously ill patients were evacuated to Zhambyl oblast hospital in Taraz. Other patients are staying in the local hospital where the temperature barely reaches 17 degrees above zero. The natural disaster fell 100 reinforced concrete and 80 wooden electric line poles, 10 kilometers of electric lines were torn down. The streets are covered with fallen trees, bus stops, traffic lights and road signs. Petrol stations are not working. Besides, 28 villages of Zhambyl regions have no electricity because high-voltage lines VL-114, 115 (110 kW), were damaged. There is also no electricity in 41 villages of Zhualyn region as well. Rescue team of the State Rescue Service has been dispatched to the accident site on cross-country vehicles, as well as a Civil Defense regiment and several crews from other state authorities. All available special vehicles have been mobilized. Kazakhstan Emergency Situations Ministry's aviation is on high alert. Emergency elimination headquarters were set up upon instruction of Kazakhstan President Nazarbayev. They is headed by deputy Prime-Minister Krymbek Kusherbayev. The local commission on elimination of the emergency situation is headed by Akim (Governor) of Zhambyl oblast Kanat Bozumbayev. Deputy Prime-Minister of Kazakhstan plans to stay in the region until power supply is restored in the regions hit by the natural disaster.

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