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Новости по теме: bankrupt По вашему запросу найдено: 14 материалов
02.10.2015 16:04 Companies
Bankruptcy is the only solution for Russia's second largest airline Transaero after state-controlled Aeroflot backed out of purchasing the debt-laden carrier.
14.07.2015 14:05 Entertainment, Style
The rapper known for the album and movie "Get Rich or Die Tryin'," filed for bankruptcy protection as he faced a hefty payout in a lawsuit related to a sex tape.
06.10.2014 14:31 Finance
Bulgarian strongman Boyko Borisov said he would try to form a government and avoid national "bankruptcy" after his right-wing party came first in elections.
06.08.2014 18:28 Finance
According to him, there is no place for those willing to live at the state’s expense. If someone fails to pay off his or her debts, foreclosure procedures should be applied.
19.02.2014 18:34 Finance
Banks won't be able to bring the ones who were distributing misinformation about bankruptcy of 3 Kazakhstan banks to criminal liability.
28.12.2013 13:21 Crime
The Turkish government is ready to consider Kazakhstan’s claims against Turkish Qualitum Tour company.
20.11.2013 23:32 Politics
Kazakhstan is considering adopting a personal bankruptcy law.
19.07.2013 13:27 Finance
Detroit on Thursday became the largest city in US history to file for bankruptcy protection after decades of decline and mismanagement rendered the home of the nation's auto industry insolvent.
11.06.2013 17:25 Emergencies
169 Kazakhstan tourists who are stuck in Antalya because of Sky Airlines bankruptcy will be transported to Aktobe by Turkish Pegasus.
07.06.2013 18:49 Companies
Around 1,000 Kazakhstan citizens cannot leave Antalya, Turkey, because of the Turkish air company's bankruptcy.
28.03.2013 15:20 Companies
A US bankruptcy court judge approved Wednesday the merger of American Airlines and US Airways, which will create the country's largest airline.
20.03.2013 15:16 Companies
China's Suntech has made a painful journey from being the world's largest solar panel producer to flirting with bankruptcy in just a year, highlighting the woes of the industry it shaped.
18.03.2013 16:08 Politics
Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades will on Monday attempt to persuade lawmakers to back an EU bailout deal that slaps a levy on bank savings, amid fears of a run on accounts if he fails.
21.01.2013 14:58 Companies
Specialized interregional economic court of Atyrau oblast declared Kazakhstan's AtyrauBalyk bankrupt.