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General Prosecution gave names of organizers of Zhanaozen clashes 26 января 2012, 15:53

Kazakhstan General Prosecution named six identified organizers of Zhanaozen clashes.
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Zhanaozen. Tengrinews.kz stock photo Zhanaozen. Tengrinews.kz stock photo
Kazakhstan General Prosecution named six identified organizers of Zhanaozen clashes, Tengrinews.kz reports. “We have identified six organizers of mass clashes: Saktaganov, Dzharylgassinov, Irmukhanov, Dosmagambetov, Utkilov and Tuletayeva, who are charged under Part 1 Chapter 241 of the Criminal code and are all under arrest,” General Prosecutor Askhat Daulbayev said on January 25. Inter-authority investigation group identified and arrested 23 active participants of the mass disorder and 11 individuals who set fire to buildings and cars and looted them. Most of them confessed of organizing and participating in the clashes. “In particular, they stated that the clashes were prepared beforehand, involving a group of young people who bottled the flammable liquids and armed themselves with improvised weapons,” General Prosecutor said. In the course of the investigation following the appeal of the specially established public commission and considering the personal characteristics, extent of guilt and marital status, confinement was changed to a softer restrictions for 11 individuals. The work to identify and detect other organizers and participants of the mass disorder continues. Clashes in Zhanaozen and Shetpe village happened on December 16, 2011. As a result 125 facilities were set on fire, damaged and looted, including offices of mayors of town of Zhanaozen and Tenge village, Pension distribution center, police stations, office of “OzenMunaiGaz”, “Aruana” hotel, “Sulpak”, “Atlant” and “Sholpan” shopping centers, 5 banks offices, 9 ATM machines, 21 vehicles, apartment buildings and numerous facilities that belong to small and medium-sized business. As a result of the clashes 64 persons received gunshot wounds, 14 persons died. The death of other two persons is not related to the mass disorder in the streets.

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