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Account of undercover operation against Columbian drug mafia in Almaty 10 апреля 2014, 16:57

The National Security Committee of Kazakhstan held a successful special operation against Columbian drug mafia that attempted to extend their business into Kazakhstan.
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Photo © RIA Novosty Photo © RIA Novosty

The National Security Committee of Kazakhstan held a special operation against Columbian drug mafia that tried to extending their business into Kazakhstan, Tengrinews reports citing Megapolis newspaper.

The operation was held a while ago, but the account and details were party unlocked only recently.

In 2005, in the Columbian city of Pereira a drug dealer Andres Lopez approached his acquaintance George, asking him to help set up sale of cocaine in Kazakhstan. George, whose identity is kept anonymous for security reasons, informed the National Security Committee of Kazakhstan (NSC) about the upcoming drug trafficking from Columbia.

The NSC developed a special operation to catch the drug mules red handed. As soon as three drug mules landed in the Almaty Airport, NSC agents put them under surveillance.

One of the mules was Diaz Leonardo a citizen of both the USA and Columbia who lived happily with his family in Florida. He was given 2.650 kg of cocaine in capsules in Bogota. He swallowed the drugs and departed for Almaty through Amsterdam with the capsules in his stomach. In Almaty George and a NSC agent, pretending to be a buyer, met Diaz Leonardo at the airport and escorted him to a safe house. The drug mule extracted the capsules and handed a sample to the buyer. Forensic chemical examination confirmed that the samples were pure cocaine. Diaz Leonardo was caught red handed.

In the meanwhile unsuspecting drug mafia sent two more drug mules to Kazakhstan.

Other two operations went along the same scenario: meeting at the airport, transfer to a safe house, extraction of capsules with drugs, handing samples of the drugs to an undercover NSC agent and arrest of the drug dealers.

The court sentenced Diaz Leonardo to 18 years in prison and the other two drug mules to 16 years of in prison. The foreigners are serving their sentences in one of Kazakhstan’s prisons now.


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