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Zhanar Dugalova wins Turkvizyon Song Contest 2014


Zhanar Dugalov. Photo © CCS Zhanar Dugalov. Photo © CCS

Kazakhstani singer Zhanar Dugalova has become the winner of the Turkvizyon Song Contest 2014 competition that took place in Tatarstan, Tengrinews reports.

Kazakhstani singer Zhanar Dugalova has become the winner of the Turkvizyon Song Contest 2014 competition that took place in Tatarstan, Tengrinews reports.

Dugalova performed her Izin Korem song ("I see their trace"), which brought her 225 points and the first place. Aidar Suleiman from Tatarstan earned 201 points and the second place. Bashkir singer Zaman won the third place with 199 points. 15 singers from Kazakhstan, Tatarstan, Turkey, Bashkortostan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Uzbekistan, Macedonia, Iran, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Crimea, Bulgaria, Yakutia, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan were judged by the international jury representing each country.

In the semifinal, Dugalova took the third place. After her final performance, one of the jury Arman Davlyatov rose in applause. The singer could not hide her emotions after winning and thanked all Kazakhstanis for support.

The song Izin Korem, according to Dugalova’s producer Bayan Yessentayeva, was written specially for the competition by Zhanar Dugalova and Rinat Zaiytov.

“The title of the song translates from Kazakh “I see their traces”, which refers to traces of forefathers. Even those who did not understand the lyrics said they felt every note. The meaning of the song is that even though we live in a modern world, we should not forget that we are the descendants of great men such as Abai and Zhambyl. We must remember where we came from and who we are,” the singer said.

“There was a big group of students form Kazakhstan studying in Kazan who came to support (the singer). All of them were congratulating her. We were determined to win the first place (…). When Zhanar got on the stage she grasped the attention of the audience. I had goose bumps when she was singing,” Yessentayeva said.

Dugalova's interview in Kazakh and Russian followed by her performance.

The President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov greeted Dugalova on the stage after the award ceremony. Minnikhanov said that Mary, Turkmenistan would be hosting the next Turkvisyon in 2015. In contrasts to Eurovision, Turkvisyon can be hosted by countries other than the winner country. The city has to be the capital of a Turkic country. The host cities are selected by the International Turkic Culture Organization.

On November 23, Zhanar Dugalov gave a press conference in Astana. The singer said that her dream to represent Kazakhstan on the international stage came true. “The competition took place on the eve of the Day of the First President (December 1). That is why I dedicate this victory to the Head of the State,” Dugalov said.

Dugalova added that she had competed in over a hundred various singing competitions. However, the singer noted she didn't like taking part in competitions and though for a long time before applying for Turkvizyon.

Turkvizyon is a song competition inspired by the Eurovision Song Contest. The first Turkvizyon took place in Eskisehir, Turkey in 2013. 24 countries competed in the first edition of the competition. Kazakhstan was represented by Rin’Go band that got the 9th place.

Reporting by Assemgul Khassenova. Writing by Gyuzel Kamalova

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