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We had a real tandem with director: Harmony Lessons operator 19 февраля 2013, 19:05

Operator of prize-winning Harmony Lessons Aziz Zhambakiyev told about his experience of working with the movie's director Emir Baigazin.
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Operator of Kazakhstan movie Harmony Lessons Aziz Zhambakiyev told Tengrinews.kz that the award he received at the Berlin Film festival belonged to the whole Kazakhstan. According to Zhambakiyev who received the Berlinale award for the best camera work, he has friendly and warm relations with the movie's director Emir Baigazin. "It is very important in the shooting process that the creative people find common language. We had a real tandem with Emir during shooting of Harmony Lessons. He is indeed the director one can dream about working with. He can very clearly and in several sentences explain what he wants to see. If it was not for the taste and the feeling of harmony that Emir possesses, the movie would not have turned out the way it did," operator said on the phone. Aziz and Emir studied in one university and knew each other before shooting of Harmony Lessons. Zhambakiyev believes that the director has to fully trust the operator during the shooting process. "We were always next to each other during the process and I needed just one look to understand him. When we finished a scene, he always asked me whether I liked everything. If my reply was positive, he trusted me and knew that the scene would turn out very well," he said. Zhambakiyev also noted that the movie would not have been so successful without its promotion to the world's festivals. This is the achievement of the movie's producer Anna Kachko. "I would like to note a huge work that Anna did. She sincerely believed in our success and diligently worked to get the world to see our work," Zhambakiyev noted. Meanwhile, Aziz came be involved in cinema art on an advice of his elder brother Adil Zhambakiyev (the founder of Dervishi band). In the beginning Zhambakiyev was fond of photography; he had his first Zenit camera at the age of 17. Harmony Lessons is the second movie shot by Zhambakiyev. Realtor movie was his first successful work released in 2011. Having gained the experience from his senior colleagues and mentors, the operator now plans to continue working in Kazakhstan cinema industry. Aziz is confident of his intention to work namely in Kazakhstan and plans to bring more joy to the audience with his camera work. Kazakhstan movie Harmony Lessons won a Silver Bear for Artistic Achievement for its cinematographer Aziz Zhambakiyev at the 63rd Berlinale. Berlinale’s Golden Bear top prize to Child's Pose, Calin Peter Netzer’s mother-son psychodrama set among post-communist Romania's new ruling class. 19 films fought for the top prize. The jury was made of German director Andreas Dresen, actor Tim Robbins and Iranian visual artist Shirin Neshat. Chinese filmmaker and journalist Wong Kar-Wai chaired the jury.

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