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Parviz Nazarov's version of Backstreet Boys song available 20 мая 2014, 11:28

A music video of a Backstreet Boys band’s song sang by Kazakh singer Parviz Nazarov has been released.
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Frame from the music video Frame from the music video

A music video of a popular Kazakhstan’s singer Parviz Nazarov singing Backstreet Boys band’s song Show ‘Em (What You’re Made Of) has been released, Tengrinews reports.

Parviz Nazarov, his son Timur, young musicians Arni and Riko, and members of Backstreet Boys Band appear in the music video. It is a mix of the original song and its new Russian version, which Parviz Nazarov called Peace, Love and Life. 

When Parviz Nazarov got the idea of making this mix he contacted Backstreet Boys and asked them for a permission to make a cover on their famous song. He sent the Russian version to them. Even though they did not understand the Russian language, they liked the new version and gave his permission to make it.

Parviz Nazarov directed the shooting of the music video himself, because he believes that if you want something done well, you should do it yourself.

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