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Mysteries of Mountain Shoriya meets Kazakh electro at The Spirit of Tengri 2015 12 июня 2015, 15:52

Throat singing from Mountain Shoriya has met Kazakhstani electro at The Spirit of Tengri 2015.
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Chyltys. Photo © Nikolay Kolessnikov Chyltys. Photo © Nikolay Kolessnikov

Throat singing from Mountain Shoriya has met Kazakhstani electro at The Spirit of Tengri 2015 contemporary ethnic music festival in Almaty. Chyltys Tannagasheva, a singer from mysterious Mountain Shoriya, performed with a local DJ from Kazakhstan Nariman Issenov, Tengrinews reports.

Chyltys&rsquo family has lived in Kurya village near Mrassu river for many years. Her great grandfather knew the taiga woods as the back of his hand and told stories about cedars speaking Shor language at night. Raised on tales and stories of her mysterious homeland, Chyltys led an ordinary life till the age of 24. Then her life was divided into &ldquobefore&rdquo and &ldquoafter&rdquo by a car accident. She experienced a clinical death. After that Chyltys discovered a talent for throat singing.

&ldquoI loved working with Nariman. I am so grateful. It is not the first time at the festival for me. What is key here is the audience. Here in Kazakhstan you have very friendly people who understand music. They are interested in new things. In three years the festival has grown and developed. It is wonderful to see the dynamic changes,&rdquo Chytys said after the performance.

&ldquoI performed with Chyltys for the first time and it was incredible. It was animalistic energy. Our collaboration surprised the crowd and it was great to see the surprised yet ecstatic faces. Many did not expect what we gave them. (&hellip) It is my first time at The Spirit of Tengri. I loved it and the audience caught every movement and each sound. The feedback was amazing,&rdquo Issenov said.

Also, the veterans of The Spirit of Tengri Aldaspan band from Kazakhstan brought &ldquothe hard rock dombra&rdquo and throat singing. Aldaspan turns ethnic traditional or original songs into ethnic rock ballads.

&ldquoEmotions are off the charts. I want to jump and scream with happiness. When we were performing we had to contain our emotions. Or else we would have crushed the whole stage! The rain that started during our performance cooled us a bit. But then the rain also added brightness and richness to our performance. The audience was wonderful, they welcomed us warmly and supported during the performance. Everything went great,&rdquo Nurzhan Toishy of Aldaspan said.

The third performers of the second day, June 7, were the young Kazakhstani band Tigrakhaud from Kazakhstan's Ust-Kamenogorsk. The musicians prepared  experimental Kazakh rock compositions blended with ethnic elements using an electro-dombra, flute and throat singing. Moreover, the band got on the stage wearing exotic costumes inspired by an ancient tribe of Tigrakhauda.

&ldquoThere are not enough words to express our emotions. Thank you Almaty and the festival. We had been preparing for the festival for a very long time. We hope that the crowd liked our performance. Judging by the audience everything went great. You have very welcoming people,&rdquo Daniyar Zhekiyanov of Tigrakhaud said.

The Spirit of Tengri took place on June 6 and 7 in Almaty. The festival gathered musicians from 11 countries and more then 10000 people. 

If you missed the 2015 edition of the festival, look out for the DVD and the next year The Spirit of Tengri.

By Gyuzel Kamalova


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