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Kazakhstan's Motor-Roller ranked 14th in British video chart 30 апреля 2013, 14:21

Anna video of Kazakhstan rock band Motor-Roller is ranked 14th in the music videos contest of major British BEAT100 Network.
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Snapshot of Anna video Snapshot of Anna video
The video Anna of Kazakhstan rock band Motor-Roller is ranked 14th in the music videos contest of major British Internet website BEAT100 Network, the band’s frontman Ilyas Autov told Tengrinews.kz. The video of Motor-Roller is competing in the international contest with around 1 thousand music videos of different bands from around the world. Right after the band received a confirmation that their application was approved and the video was moderation by the administrators, the video received bonuses from music critics of the website: two silver medals for the quality of the song and the video and a bronze medal meaning that one of the juries likes the video. The video also received a medal from the project’s organizers for the second place by the number of views. In just two weeks Anna video moved to the 14th in the ranking among over 1 thousand contestants. The winner is defined by simple voting with every user being able to vote not more than once a day. The band will now face the next stage of voting. According to Autov, the video was shot in less than one week in Saint-Petersburg in October 2012 and then well-known filmmaker Aleksander Rozanov worked on it for six months. An interesting fact about the video is that the vintage Chaika car owned by the first female astronaut Valentina Tereshkova that was presented to her by Leonid Brezhnev was filmed in the video. “It took Rozanov 6 months to bring the video to the level of professional art. He wanted to make it beautiful, deep and mysterious,” the frontman said. Autov stressed that the band loved their job. The band’s album Music For The Scorpion will be released in the nearest time. The songs from this album were used as the soundtrack for The Whole World At Our Feet. Actress of Saint-Petersburg theater Ilona Markarova took part in the video together with actor Oleg Fyodorov and Ilyas Autov. The video is made in film noir style. (Film noir is a cinematic term used primarily to describe stylish Hollywood crime dramas, particularly those that emphasize cynical attitudes and sexual motivations. Hollywood's classical film noir period is generally regarded as extending from the early 1940s to the late 1950s. Film noir of this era is associated with a low-key black-and-white visual style that has roots in German Expressionist cinematography. Many of the prototypical stories and much of the attitude of classic noir derive from the hardboiled school of crime fiction that emerged in the United States during the Great Depression.) Rarity items was used to create the atmosphere of the middle of the 20th century in the video: British bike made in 1940s and the Chaika car. The video tells about a classic love triangle, where the main heroine Anna is a collective female image. This is a love story about deep feelings. It is a little sad and philosophical. Motor-Roller band was created in 1993 in Almaty. The band's frontman Ilyas Autov is the founder and leader of the band and the author of almost all of its songs and lyrics. The band has release 3 CDs and several video clips (here is one of them.) The musicians are preparing to celebrating their anniversary: Motor-Roller will turn 20 this year.

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