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Kazakhstan's band Aldaspan becomes participant of international project Orchestra of Samples 23 октября 2013, 23:47

Kazakhstan ethnic rock band Aldaspan has become a participant of the international project called Orchestra of Samples, organized by famous British duet of DJs Addictive TV.
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Kazakhstan band Aldaspan. ©Yaroslav Radlovsky Kazakhstan band Aldaspan. ©Yaroslav Radlovsky
Kazakhstan ethnic rock band Aldaspan has become a participant of the international project called Orchestra of Samples of two famous British DJs of Addictive TV, Tengrinews reports. Addictive TV have visited 20 countries and recorded nearly 100 musicians during the last four years. Later they are planning to mix a one-hour-long track that will include a combination of different ethnic instruments and vocal samples. The track will be accompanied by a video. "Celebrating the fusion of music styles and mixing all manner of instruments together, our new performance project Orchestra of Samples is based on the idea of creating new music from sampling recording sessions filmed with musicians all around the world. Wanting to explore new forms of collaboration, we’ve spent the last few years filming these improvised recordings sessions with more than a hundred musicians in over twenty countries, from Mexico to Japan, Brazil to Senegal and across Europe. We then sampled this unique archive to create new visual music, to create a kind of virtual international supergroup, where the audiences see the samples," the duet says about their project. The presentation of the project is scheduled for the beginning of November, 2013 in London. According to Aldaspan band leader Nurzhan Toishy, the Kazakhstan band was the only band from Central Asia represented in the project. Our musicians performed overtone singing and played Kazakh national instruments such as dombra and shankobyz (mouth harp) during the meeting, held on October 19 in Almaty, with British Addictive TV, he said. Nurzhan added that the British musicians heard about the Kazakh band thanks to the international ethnic music festival Spirit of Tengri organized by Kazakhstan's Tengri FM radio. Aldaspan took part in the Spirit of Tengri festival that was held on June 8, 2013 in Almaty city. Addictive TV was originally formed in 1992 as a production outfit, then later developed into the act it is today. They actively create the soundtracks for cinema and television. The duet worked on such film as Iron Man and Snakes on a Plane. By Dmitry Khegai

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