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Kazakhstani singer Luina fails to advance to Rising Star Turkiye final 25 сентября 2015, 18:03

Kazakhstan’s popular singer Luina has been eliminated from Rising Star Turkiye singing contest.
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Luina. Personal file photo. Luina. Personal file photo.

Kazakhstan’s popular singer Luina has been eliminated from Rising Star Turkiye singing contest, Tengrinews reports.

Louisa Karinbayeva, better known by her stage name Luina, successfully went through three rounds and got into the semifinals.

According to the rules of the competition, during the semifinals, the participants face off each other in a duel singing the song from the first round and the one, who gets less votes, is eliminated.

Luina was paired into a duel with Omer Topcu. She sang Beyonce’s Halo, but this time she received 64 percent, which is less than her result in the first round.

Her opponent Omer Topcu got 84 percent, which enabled him to proceed further, whereas Kazakhstan’s Luina was eliminated from the competition.

Rising Star Turkiye is a Turkish version of the Israeli interactive reality singing competition HaKokhav HaBa (The Next Star) aired every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday on TV8 channel.

What differentiates this competition from others is that while judges vote by pressing their Yes/No buttons, viewers simultaneously vote for the participants via the mobile app developed specifically for the show and images of voters from their Facebook pages appear live on the large screen facing the singer, 

The wall disappears once the performer secures 70 percent of votes.

In the first round, Luina sang Beyonce's Halo and got earned 86 percent, with all of four judges giving their vote to her. In the second round, she performed Alicia Keys's Empire State of Mind and got 84 percent. 

For the third round, she again opted for Beyonce's song Listen. But this time Mustafa Sandal, one of the judges, did not give his vote to her, explaining that this song was "too much" for Luina and probably she had little time to prepare. 

Reporting by Aizhan Tugelbayeva, writing by Assel Satubaldina

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