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KazakhFilm Studio to release 10 movies in 2013 31 января 2013, 19:07

Yermek Amanshayev, KazakhFilm Studio president, gave an interview to Tengrinews.kz and told about the studio's plans for 2013.
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Stillframe of The Sword of Victory movie. Photo courtesy of KazakhFilm Studios Stillframe of The Sword of Victory movie. Photo courtesy of KazakhFilm Studios
KazakhFilm Studio, Kazakhstan national film-making studio, is planning to release 10 movies in 2013. Yermek Amanshayev, KazakhFilm Studio president, said this in an interview to Tengrinews.kz. The Sword of Victory, directed by Asya Suleyeva and Anuar Raybayev, will be released first. The movie features a story of Aytuar, a Kazakhstan schoolboy, who finds an ancient sword. The master of the sword, Batyr (a Kazakh warrior), enters the present-day world following his sword. It appears that Zunghar people (several Oirat tribes who formed and maintained the Zunghar Khanate in the 17th to 18th century and were permanently at war with Kazakhs) are chasing the sword that is a symbol of victory. They need it to win a decisive battle. Zunghar Khan ordered his Shaman (a priest) to bring back the sword at any cost. Yerzhan Nurymbet, Dinmukhammed Sadybekov and Aziz Beyshenaliyev (known for Liquidator movie) are starring in the film that will be released in February 2013. Then the studio plans to release its first full-length animated movie Yer Tostik and Aydakhar. One of the main distinctions of the movie is that it is based on Kazakh national tales. It will be a combination of 3D animation and motion capture technology (actions of human actors are recorded using special sensors attached to the bodies and then used to animate digital characters). “Besides, we are planning to create a cartoon brand, in the other words we’ll not only release the cartoon, but develop action figures and comics with the cartoon’s characters. We’ll prepare these products before the release. (…) We are also going to design and produce exercise books, drawing-books and pens with the characters' images,” Amanshayev said. Three independent films will be released in the end of April or in the beginning of May. These movies have received many awards from international film festivals. They are Realtor by Adilkhan Yerzhanov, Student by Darezhan Omirbayev and The Lottery by Damir Manabay. A romantic melodrama with a working title When A Dream Comes True will be one of the most awaited Kazakhstan premieres of the year. The details of the project are still kept secret. It is known that Kazakhstan singer Batyrkhan Shukenov, actress Aysulu Azimbayeva (famous for Star Dances project) and Dastan Orazbekov, singer of Horde band, will be starring in the movie. “The film is full of music and dances. We’ve made a very stylish movie,” KazakhFilm Studio president said. Two more premieres are scheduled for the autumn of 2013. The first one is Zhol, a joint project of Askar Uzabayev and Farkhat Sharipov (earlier known as The Boxer’s Way) and a high-speed action Hunting a Phantom directed by Marina Kumarova. Zhol (The Boxer’s Way) features a story of a street self-trained fighter, who makes it into the world of elite boxing from the world of underground bouts. Debutant Nazar Sultanbekov along with Yerzhan Tussupov (Who are you, Mister Ka?) and Erik Zholzhaksynov (Dolphin’s Jump and The Irony of Love) and Farkhat Abdraimov (Fara) are starring in the movie. Kazakhstan’s actor Sanzhar Madiyev, who plays a brave policeman, is chasing a mysterious hacker (Russian actor Nikita Presnyakov) in Hunting a Phantom action movie. The plot becomes more complicated when a heartless Rush (Kristianna Loken, Terminator 3) gets in the way of the characters. Armand Assante (Odyssey) and Assel Sagatova (The Irony of Love) are also taking part in the movie. Besides, KazakhFilm Studio is planning to release the remaining two parts of The Leader’s Way trilogy. Both of them will be released at the same time. The trilogy features the life journey of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. Earlier it was reported that the movies will be released in 3D under the titles of The Leader’s Way: Fiery River and The Leader’s Way: Iron Mountain. The first part of the trilogy The Sky of My Childhood, directed by Rustem Abdrashov, was released in spring 2011. By Aizhan Tugelbayeva

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