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French experts train Kazakhstan filmmakers to make documentaries 26 марта 2013, 14:28

All documentaries that will be made under the Eurasiadoc program will be broadcasted by French and perhaps other European TV channels.
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©Vladimir Dmitriyev ©Vladimir Dmitriyev
10 beginning filmmakers from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia have got a chance to learn from famous French documentary directors, Tengrinews.kz reports. Organizers of trainings are planning to promote development of non-fiction film-making in Asia with the help of the Eurasiadoc documentary film trainings during the next three years. 30 film projects were submitted in 2013 and 10 projects out of them were selected for participation in the trainings. Experts will assist the beginning directors and scriptwriters in analyzing their project, working to make them better and will teach young directors to make their projects worth screening in international film festivals. Directors of the most successful documentary projects will be selected at the workshops. They will meet European producers and TV companies’ representatives at the Golden Apricot International Film Festival that will be held in Yerevan this summer. The Eurasiadoc program kicked off in 2012. Back then projects of two Kazakhstan citizens Azat Khakimov and Zhanna Rakhimberdiyeva were approved and selected for screening at Yerevan Film Festival. “I have submitted my project and I was told that I was selected to participate. They invited me to take part in the trainings. I was working on the script for my documentary with two experts (Samuel Obeng and Kristoff Postick) during two weeks. Then my project was selected for the Yerevan Festival. At present I am cooperating with Belgian and French producers. I am going to start shooting this summer. Now I need to discuss several things with the French Support for World Cinema Fund,” Azat Khakimov, participant of the 2012 project, said. His documentary's idea is that every man “is in a transition state, he is turning from a boy into a man and from a man into a mature personality.” Khakimov said that citizens of contemporary Kazakhstan are also in a transition state. “We have left the Soviet Union and transited to a free market economy. This is sort of a perspective on our people,” he said. Organizers say that all the documentaries that will be made as part of the Eurasiadoc program will be broadcasted by French and perhaps other European TV channels. The production companies are also planing to promote new documentaries at international film festivals. http://tengrinews.kz/cinema/frantsuzyi-obuchayut-kazahstanskih-kinematografistov-dokumentalnomu-kino-230109/

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