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First Nepali film created with Kazakhstani cinematographer wins FEDEORA award in Venice 15 сентября 2015, 20:18

Kalo Pothi (Black hen) film has won the Best Film Award during the 72th Venice Film Festival Critics Week.
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Photo courtesy of Aziz Zhambakiev Photo courtesy of Aziz Zhambakiev

Kalo Pothi (Black hen) film has won the Best Film Award during the 72th Venice Film Festival Critics Week, Tengrinews reports citing Informburo.kz.

The Nepali film received the award from Federation of Film Critics of Europe and the Mediterranean (FEDEORA).

Nepali born film director Min Bahadur Bham invited a truly international team to take part in his debut feature film. Kazakhstani cinematographer Aziz Zhambakiev earlier awarded with Silver Bear for Outstanding Artistic Contribution at Berlinale worked on Kalo Pothi along with Nimesh Shrestha, Jason Kunwor, Bipon Stahpit, Menuka Rai, Abinash Bikram Shah and others.

“FEDOERA award is the highest recognition of our film. I am happy to share this important moment for Nepali cinematography. It is the first Nepali film to make it in the film festival’s A class and the first film in the history of its country to receive such an award. I want to thank the film director Min Bahadur Bham for unforgettable experience in cinema, the producer Anna Katchko for another successful project that we have completed together. Yet another success proves that unity, friendship and positive human relationships are very important,” Zhambakiev said.

Kalo Pothi brings us to 2001, the time of temporary ceasefire in a small war-torn village in Nepal. Two young friends Prakash and Kiran despite their different castes and social standing remain friends. They start raising a hen given by Prakash’s sister to save money from selling eggs. But one day the hen disappears. The two boys set on a journey to find the hen, unaware of the cruelty and danger during an unstable ceasefire.

Aziz Zhambakiev previously worked with Emir Baigazin on Harmony Lessons, a Kazakhstan-made film. He received an award at Berlinale for his work on Baigazin's debut film.

By Gyuzel Kamalova


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