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Almaty will host Muz-TV Music Award on June 3 03 апреля 2012, 15:58

Muz-TV Pop Music Award will be held in Almaty on June 3.
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Illustration by tengrinews.kz Illustration by tengrinews.kz
Muz-TV Pop Music Award will be held in Almaty on June 3, Tengrinews.kz reports, citing Kairat Kulbayev, head of City Culture Department, as saying at a press-conference. According to him, the show will take place at the international Ski Jumping Complex and not at Medeu Sport Complex, where the 15th anniversary of the TV channel was celebrated in 2011. It is still not known what Russian pop stars will perform in the show. The official final stage of the contest will traditionally take place in Moscow on June 1, 2012. Famous Russian pop singers as Nikolay Baskov, Fillip Kirkorov, Segey Lazarev, Anna Semenovich, Dima Bilan and others took part in the celebration of 15th Muz-TV anniversary in high-mountain Medeu skating rink on August 29, 2011. Arman Davletyarov, Muz-TV director, promised to organize Muz-TV Music Award competition in Kazakhstan as well. Annual Muz-TV Music Award has been presented to Russian pop musicians since 2003. Three nominees are chosen by the channel's jury for each nomination, and then the nominees are voted for via SMS. The awarding ceremony is held at the show in Olimpiysky Stadium in Moscow. Muz-TV's format is Russian pop music videos, although international pop, hip-hop and contemporary R&B can be occasionally seen as well. There are charts for both local and international acts that can be voted for via the channel's website.

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