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Action movie with Michael Madsen to be shot in Astana 07 июля 2011, 16:56

The American actor met with journalists on July 5 during ASTANA International Action Film Festival.
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American actor Michael Madsen. Photo by Vladimir Dmitriyev© American actor Michael Madsen. Photo by Vladimir Dmitriyev©
Action movie with Michael Madsen will be shot in Astana, Tengrinews.kz reports. The American actor met with journalists on July 5 during ASTANA International Action Film Festival. Michael Madsen told about his new role in Kazakhstan movie Hunting the Phantom by Marina Kunarova. The movie is shot in Astana, Almaty and Los-Angeles. Armand Assante is currently working at the film set in Almaty. Michael Madsen will also start working in Astana. “Of course, I will be a bad guy in the movie. This is an action movie with fantasy elements. I am starring with Armand Assante and Kristanna Loken. The filmmaker is a woman and this is one of the reasons I agreed to act. In general there are not many female filmmakers, so I thought this could be a good reason to take part in the cooperation between the USA and Kazakhstan,” Michael Madsen said. In between starring in the movies Madsen would like to produce movies or shoot his own series. But according to the actor, there are no sponsors for either of the two. “I dream of my own series, where I will be the main character, because that's a good job and everyone is busy when making series. When we acted in C.S.I.Miami, I liked working there, especially with David Karuso, who has two facial expressions but still managed to be a big star. I like the Dirty Harry with Clint Eastwood and his character, too. If I were acting in my own series that is the kind of character I would like to play: a ruthless policeman who doesn't care about his management, doesn't listen to anyone and only does his job. I think there are not many characters like that and not many actors who could play this kind role. I respect Clint Eastwood a lot,” Michael Madsen said. Another Madsen's favorite filmmaker is Quentin Tarantino. “I will be glad to star in any Quentin's project, as all of his projects always turn out to be very special. Staring in Tarantino's movies, you always know that this will be something different, something special and you are always sure of the quality of the end product. He is now thinking of a new western called Django Unchained and Jamie Foxx is already approved to play the main character. But I am ready to play any role, even to play a corpse on the background or a hung cowboy, just to work with Quentin,” Madsen confessed. A 52-year-old actor who starred in 130 movies, has another passion: Madsen writes books. One of his latest books called Waiting For Rain is a collection of short stories. The actor was married three times, has five sons who would like to follow in their father's footsteps. Madsen said that he does not share this desire of his kids. Michael Madsen spent over an hour talking to journalists. The actor scuttled the gossips that he changed his voice (Madsen's voice is low and veiled). “I don't imitate anything. Of course this is my voice. There was some kind of a myth that my vocal ligament was injured after some surgery when I was a kid. When I recently asked my mother about it, she was surprised and did not recollect anything like that. I think I sound like my father, I have my father's voice. Plus I have been smoking for over 20 years, this is another reason,” Michael Madsen said. Madsen talked about cancellation of Sting's concert in Astana as well. “I am quite suspicious when actors and singers (or any other famous people) start making politics. I frequently saw how many artists misuse their popularity, as their opinion is very important for people. I don't know Sting's political views, so I cannot judge. Maybe he didn't like a billboard with his image,” joked Michael Madsen. By Assel Satayeva

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