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1,000 dombra players set Guinness record in Atyrau 03 июня 2013, 15:07

The simultaneous performance of 1,000 dombra players in Kazakhstan made it to the Guinness Book of Record.
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Snapshot of KTK channel's video Snapshot of KTK channel's video
1,000 dombra players performed as an orchestra to be included into the Guinness Book of Records, KTK reports. The music festival was organized in Atyrau and timed to 190th anniversary of Kurmangazy (famous Kazakh composer). The dombra players from all around Kazakhstan and even Russia assembled at a stadium. The giant orchestra played pieces by Kazakh composers Kurmangazy, Dina Nurpeissova, Nurgissa Tlendiyev and Tattimbet. The record-setting orchestra might also perform at the 15th anniversary of Astana city on July 6. “I had an indelible impression from such a huge dombra orchestra. I saw smaller dombra orchestras before and the impressions were mainly based on the music they played. But this aggregate orchestra left an unforgettable huge impression,” one of the spectators Galina Vaskovskaya said. The dombra is a long-necked lute-like musical string instrument. It is one of the national instruments for Kazakhstan.

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