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Presidents of Caspian littoral states from left to right: Azerbaijan, Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. ©RIA Novosti Nazarbayev calls Caspian Summit in Russia a breakthrough Heads of Caspian littoral states have gathered in Russia and reached a number of important agreements.
30 сентября 2014
© Kazakhstan to give up chlorine water purification soon Kazakhstan is planning to switch from chlorine water purification to a new technology using carbon filters and ultraviolet.
15 сентября 2014
Fishing in the Caspian Sea. Caspian states agree on aquatic bioresources management The Commission on Aquatic Bioresources of the Caspian Sea has approved the project on preservation and rational use of aquatic bioresources of the Caspian Sea, and sturgeons in particular.
01 сентября 2014
Photo courtesy of Chinese water parks with shocking number of people Videos taken in Chinese water parks have shocked the Internet users by the number of people that gather there.
30 августа 2014
© Man drowns while rescuing his drowning daughter in western Kazakhstan A man has drowned while rescuing his drowning daughter in the Ural River, Atyrau Oblast, western Kazakhstan on August 20.
25 августа 2014
Water crisis threatens thirsty Sao Paulo A severe drought is hitting Brazil's largest city and thriving economic capital with no end in sight.
22 августа 2014
©Tengrinews 20-meter fountain cracks its way out on Almaty street A 20-meter fountain is splashing in the middle of a roadway in Almaty.
14 августа 2014
Photo courtesy of Drunk water scooter driver drowns girl in Aktau A 19 y.o. girl died in a water scooter accident at the Nur Plaza beach in Aktau, westerner Kazakhstan on August 9.
12 августа 2014
Uch-Kurgan hydro-electric powerplant. Photo © Kyrgyzstan resumes water supply to Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan has resumed water supply from Uch-Kurgan hydro-electric powerplant to Kazakhstan in the amount of 350 cubic meters per second.
11 августа 2014
Dust storm in Aktau. © <a href="" target="_blank">Lada</a> Dust storm cuts Kazakhstan's Aktau off water and electricity A severe dust storm has left Aktau city in western Kazakhstan without water and electricity.
11 августа 2014
Photo © Ruslan Shakabayev New residents of Semey: cormorants inhabit Irtysh river An enormous flock of cormorants has occupied uninhabited islands on the Irtysh river right near the bridge in Semey, Kazakhstan.
10 августа 2014
Bukhtarma Reservoir in Kazakhstan © Till the well is full - flooding around Bukhtarma generates theories Water level in Kazakhstan's Bukhtarma reservoir is rising with recreation centers and several summer cottages situated along the coastline flooded. What is the cause?
07 августа 2014
Photo courtesy of Irrigation water shortage in Kyrgyzstan hits Kazakhstan Committee for water resources of Kazakhstan's Ministry of Environment has commented on the decrease in water supply to Kazakhstan from Kyrgyzstan.
31 июля 2014
Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan exchange blows as latter prepares to join Customs Union Kyrgyzstan has decreased water supplies to Kazakhstan twofold, following a three month hold up by Kazakhstan’s customs authorities of the Russian petroleum products destined for Kyrgyzstan.
23 июля 2014
©Turar Kazangapov Only one place to swim in Astana Department of Consumer Protection of Astana has conluded that people can swim only in one place in the Ishim (Yesil) River.
23 июля 2014
Photo courtesy of Flood emergency declared in Atyrau Oblast Atyrau Oblast emergency services are preparing for a massive flooding in the region due to raising of the water level in the Caspian Sea.
15 июня 2014
Japan says Chinese ships in disputed waters Chinese ships sailed into disputed waters off Japan-administered islands in the East China Sea Friday, officials said, after G7 leaders cautioned against "intimidation" in territorial disputes.
06 июня 2014
Ban condemns water cuts in Syria's Aleppo United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned rebels Friday for cutting water supplies to the besieged northern Syrian city of Aleppo, calling for services to be restored immediately.
17 мая 2014
Philippine, Vietnamese join anti-China street protest Several hundred Filipino and Vietnamese protesters united in a march in the Philippine capital on Friday, demanding that China stop oil drilling in disputed South China Sea waters.
17 мая 2014
Illustration ©tengrinews Kazakhstan ratifies treaty with Uzbekistan on strategic partnership President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has signed the law ratifying the Strategic Cooperation Treaty between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.
16 мая 2014

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