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Drunk water scooter driver drowns girl in Aktau 12 августа 2014, 12:54

A 19 y.o. girl died in a water scooter accident at the Nur Plaza beach in Aktau, westerner Kazakhstan on August 9.
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Photo courtesy of lada.kz Photo courtesy of lada.kz

A 19 y.o. girl died in a water scooter accident at the Nur Plaza beach in Aktau, western Kazakhstan on August 9, Tengrinews reports citing Lada.kz.

A young man, the girl's friend took her for a ride on the water scooter along the  shoreline. The driver tried to perform a jump on the scooter to impress the girl, but lost control of the vehicle and the water scooter turned over. They both fell into the water: the driver survived, but his passenger drowned. It happened at around 4 pm.

According to the rescue team that arrived to the site, the driver at first did not want to admit that he failed to provide any aid to the drowning girl, but he confessed eventually.

The alcohol test showed that he was very drunk.

The emergency services are still looking for the girl's body.

In 2012 a somewhat similar incident took place. In July, a young woman went for a water scooter ride with her male friend. They ended up in a storm. After several hours, the man was found by fisherman and brought back to the shore. He was wearing the only life jacket that the couple had. Anargul Nurpeis was 27 y.o. Her body has never been found. Anargul’s mother insisted that the prosecution opened a criminal case against the man.

Writing by Gyuzel Kamalova, editing by Tatyana Kuzmina


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