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20-meter fountain cracks its way out on Almaty street 14 августа 2014, 19:00

A 20-meter fountain is splashing in the middle of a roadway in Almaty.
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A 20-meter fountain has splashed itself out in the middle of a roadway in Almaty, Tengrinews reports citing the press service of Almaty Heating Networks.

The incident occurred on Aiteke bi street, which is between Panfilov and Abylaikhan streets.

“Almaty heating networks” informed that the water release was a result of hydraulic tests. No one was injured. From the pictures and videos of eyewitnesses one can see that the water is falling on the cars parked nearby.

"This water is hot, but not as hot as the water supplied during the heating season that is about 90 degrees centigrade. The water in the main heating system is currently about 30 degrees centigrade. This pipe was put into operation in 1988. There were plans for reconstruction of this section, but only for the next year. Everything depends on funding from the state budget," the spokesman for SCE "Holding Almaty Zhylu" Yan Girin said. Almaty Zhylu provides generation, transmission and distribution of heat in Almaty and all the accompanying works and services .

The company was making a pressure check when the pipe sprung the leak. Girin said it was for the better that the crack was revealed during the summer pressure check rather than during the heating season. The service life of this particular pipe is 25 years, he said.


By Dinara Urazova 


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