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17.01.2015 01:02 People
Kazakhstani village of Kalachi was hit by a mysterious disease, which puts unsuspecting victims to sleep anywhere and anytime. The causes are yet unknown. One thing is clear though: many wish to run away before the disease takes hold of them too.
16.12.2014 00:29 Emergencies
Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Berdybek Saparbayev has visited Berezovka village located just several kilometers away from the major oil and gas field Karachaganak, where emissions of hydrogen sulfide took place shortly before the incident.
15.09.2014 23:53 Industry, Infrastructure
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev checked on the state of grain crops at Kutuzovka-Alibi fields and the goods produced by the local farmers.
20.08.2014 14:57 Markets
Rustic abodes in a picturesque hilltop village on the island of Sicily, once home to Italian peasants and their donkeys, are up for sale for just one euro.
07.08.2014 13:09 Entertainment, Style
La Rioja has sought over the past decade to draw visitors to its numerous wineries, many featuring stunning contemporary architecture.
25.07.2014 14:44 People
Omirzhan Oshanov, a 53 y.o. resident of Zhanatan village in Pavlodar Oblast, swam for 10 hours to commemorate the upcoming 70th Victory Day.
17.05.2014 16:43 Unrest
An armed gang attacked an Ivorian village near the border with Liberia, killing three soldiers and 10 civilians, Defence Minister Paul Koffi Koffi said.
23.04.2014 19:09 Disasters
Talapker village near Astana has turned into an island in the middle of the steppes as a result of flooding in Kazakhstan.
12.04.2014 13:42 Disasters
Meltwater has flooded 330 houses in Atbasar town in Akmola Oblast in central Kazakhstan.
03.04.2014 13:23 Disasters
Minister of Emergency Situations denied rumors about villagers missing after the flood in Kokpekti village.
17.03.2014 11:53 Health
The team of Kazakhstani scientists working in Kalachi village on the mysterious sleep syndrome has published their preliminary statement.
05.02.2014 16:28 Health
It is certainly not a Brothers Grimm’s fairy tail, but a reality of Kalachi village in Akmola Oblast where people have started falling asleep for no obvious reason.
02.08.2013 12:02 People
Salleles-d'Aude is a picturesque village like so many in France, with vines, a tree-lined canal, a church... and soon, a "private oasis" for ageing British gay people -- reportedly a first in the country.
22.03.2013 10:56 Emergencies
Several villages are under threat of flood because of snow melting in Pavlodar oblast.
01.03.2013 10:42 Environment
Thirteen years after wolves returned to an east German village, its residents have not only overcome age-old fears to live peacefully alongside the predator but even come to enjoy the benefits of its presence.
28.02.2013 10:33 Politics
The elections of village Akims will be held throughout Kazakhstan. Maslikhat deputies will be voting for the candidates.
16.01.2013 12:59 Military
The US military will keep providing logistical support in villages as it hands over the security lead to Afghan forces this spring, Afghanistan's envoy to Washington said Monday.
21.12.2012 16:45 Strange News
As the village of Sirince waited for what some say is an apocalypse from which the tiny Turkish hamlet will be spared, its streets were teeming not with doomsayers but a hoard of disappointed journalists.
28.11.2012 17:13 Politics
Village Akims (Mayors) in Kazakhstan will get their own budgets and personnel.
05.11.2012 13:25 Unrest
Najeeban in southern Afghanistan is a ghost village, deserted by the surviving inhabitants after a murderous rampage allegedly carried out by a rogue American soldier earlier this year.
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