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More volunteers arrive to Kokpekti 03 апреля 2014, 13:23

Minister of Emergency Situations denied rumors about villagers missing after the flood in Kokpekti village.
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Volunteers helping clean Kokpekti village after the flood.  ©Zhan Otan Karaganda Volunteers helping clean Kokpekti village after the flood. ©Zhan Otan Karaganda

Kazakhstan Minister of Emergency Situations has denied rumors that some villagers were missing after the flood in Kokpekti village, Tengrinews reports.

"The Head of Karaganda Internal Affairs Department is at the scene of the accident. All the houses have been checked. Information on all the residents has been gathered and compared to their residence registrations. There has been no reports about missing villagers," the Minister said.

Five people died in the flood. "Three of the deceased were retired villagers. Two others were younger. They had been informed about the flood, but were washed over by the wave. One woman failed to get into the car with her husband. Her husband survived but she was tossed away by the wave," Bozhko said.

Around 200 volunteers arrived to Kokpekti to help. University students from Karaganda, Zhas Otan party members, residents of the nearest cities and villages brought shovels, rubber boots and gloves and started cleaning the village. More students with warm clothing and essentials are to arrive soon to Kokpekti.

Astana is sending humanitarian aid to the village. "Over 20 tons of food products will be dispatched to Karaganda Oblast from Astana," the city authorities promised.

"Clothes like coats, boots, underwear, socks, hats, sweaters, pants and essentials like tooth paste, soap, personal care products, paper towels and laundry detergent will also be dispatched from Astana," the press-service of Astana municipal authorities said.

Blankets, matrasses, pillows, bed sheets, electric kettles and heaters will be delivered to the village as well. Since all the cellars where people were storing their vegetables were flooded, the villagers will also get potatoes, onions, cabbages and carrots from Astana.

The trucks will also bring flour, pasta, cereals, canned food and milk, butter, canned soups, sausages, pepper and salt.


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