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02.09.2015 21:18 Politics
Kazakhstan signed a memorandum on cooperation in manufacturing of cars with China.
22.04.2015 20:18 Emergencies
A terrible road accident in the south of Kazakhstan has left 16 people dead, three children among them.
10.10.2014 15:45 Companies
Electric car giant Tesla unveiled a new two-engine vehicle designed to perform in bad weather, featuring four-wheel drive and anti-collision technology.
09.09.2014 19:56 Markets
One of the possible ways to address the recurring gasoline deficit in Kazakhstan is transitioning to gas from petrol and gasoline products. This is easier to say than to do, however.
05.07.2014 13:40 Crime
The theft of a vehicle in Mexico containing a potentially deadly radioactive material briefly raised alarm -- but the container was found with no leak or harm to the population.
23.06.2014 17:39 Auto
Almaty Motor Fest exhibition was held in Almaty on June 15, 2014.
19.03.2014 09:51 Auto
General Motors announced its second massive recall in two months on Monday as it works to contain a growing scandal over the safety of its vehicles.
21.01.2014 11:45 Unrest
Five members of the UN mission in Mali were injured Monday when their vehicle ran over a landmine planted in the northeastern rebel bastion of Kidal.
12.01.2014 13:13 Companies
Toyota Motor is aiming to produce more than 10 million vehicles in 2014, a bullish target that could boost other industries in Japan, a report said Saturday.
14.12.2013 11:46 Science, Technologies
A space module carrying China's first lunar rover is scheduled to land on the moon Saturday evening, state media said, in a huge step for the Asian superpower's ambitious space programme.
21.11.2013 15:25 Auto
Japanese auto giant Honda said Thursday it would roll out a new commercial fuel-cell vehicle in 2015, a day after rival Toyota promised a similar offering as competition in the green car sector heats up.
10.07.2013 15:54 Markets
The EU filed a dispute with Russia over vehicle imports at the WTO, the first such challenge to Moscow since it joined the trade body almost a year ago.
09.07.2013 15:15 Sport
Astana Dakar Team has changed Kamaz for new Tatra trucks.
24.06.2013 10:25 Health
The ambulance that rushed Nelson Mandela to hospital two weeks ago broke down and another had to be called, but the mishap did not endanger the anti-apartheid hero.
09.05.2013 16:18 Auto
Powered by 6.0-litre V12 petrol engine mated to the proven Touchtronic 2 six-speed gearbox, the new car offers an impressive performance.
08.05.2013 18:47 Entertainment, Style
The only Kazakhstan’s outdoor military vehicles museum has been opened in Kostanay.
08.05.2013 10:49 Companies
General Motors is recalling nearly 43,000 hybrid vehicles in the United States and around 500 in Canada to fix a defect that could cause a fire in the trunk.
24.03.2013 19:16 Military
A plant for assembly of Cobra armored vehicles is under construction near Astana.
01.03.2013 18:26 Industry, Infrastructure
A work group in Kazakhstan is currently in talks with the American company to set up an assembling facility in Kazakhstan.
27.02.2013 10:58 Military
Director General of Kazakhstan's KazSpetsExport held talks with President of RENAULT Truck Defense.
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