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We are together: Almaty Motor Fest 2014


©Alisher Akhmetov ©Alisher Akhmetov

Almaty Motor Fest 2014 was held in Almaty on June 15, 2014, Tengrinews reports.

Almaty Motor Fest 2014 was held in Almaty on June 15, 2014, Tengrinews reports.

The festival brought Almaty’s car clubs together to fight for the title of the best. The participants demostrated their tuned cars and arranged a special show for the visitors. Another way to win at the Almaty Motor Fest was to arrange a dress show, in which the visitors could also take part. 

The Almaty Motor Fest 2014 was held under the motto We are Together. Organizers tried to bring together and present different types of vehicles from the usual cars and trucks and vintage cars.

Representatives of each car club were dressed in their own original style.

Car clubs were competing for the most original costume.


The exhibition brought together not only the city's car clubs, but also various organizations.

Not only girls, but men also demonstrated original costumes.

Each of the car clubs had to arrange a show to present their cars.

Car clubs also competed for the best tuning and car audio.

Participants demonstrated aerographics on their cars.

One of the most interesting exhibits was GAZ-3110 with a Ford Mustang engine. Its owner claims that the car can accelerate to 200 kilometers per hour. The engine power exceeds 280 horsepower and the consumption reaches 20 liters per one hundred kilometers.

The reason why he modified the car this way was Kazakhstan's membership in the Customs Union, the owner said. Because of the new duties an American car would cost more expensive. He received half of the car from the USA and then he pulled the engine out of it. "When I am driving around, many stop by in wonder," the owner said about his new car.

The owner has invested around $8000 in the used car that he bought from $2800. He rearranged the running gear, replaced the gearbox with a different one and installed a new sound system.

The organizers also invited music lovers to take part. Best autosound competitions were taking place.

Vintage cars were also presented at the Almaty Motor Fest 2014.

Reporting by Alisher Akhmetov, writing by Assel Satubaldina, editing by Tatyana Kuzmina 

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