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Photo © RIA Novosty What is behind anti-vaccination movements in Kazakhstan? Every day there are more and more parents refusing to get their children vaccinated for religious reasons.
27 марта 2014
Ebola epidemic spreads to Guinea's capital: UNICEF An Ebola epidemic which has already killed dozens of people in Guinea's southern forests has spread to the capital Conakry, the United Nations Children's Fund said on Sunday.
24 марта 2014
India to celebrate 'victory over polio' Indian leaders are set later Tuesday to celebrate the eradication of polio, marking one of the country's biggest public health success stories which was once thought impossible to achieve.
11 февраля 2014
©Reuters/Pichi Chuang H1N1 flu claims five lives in Canada's Alberta province An H1N1 flu outbreak in Alberta has sickened nearly 1,000 people and killed five, the Canadian province's health minister said Friday, urging everyone to get vaccinated.
05 января 2014
Syrian health workers administer polio vaccination to a girl at a school in Damascus. ©Reuters Polio in Syria poses risk for Europe: doctors An outbreak of polio in Syria poses a threat to Europe, where the crippling and potentially fatal disease was declared eradicated in 2002, doctors warned on Friday.
08 ноября 2013
Gates says world must push to finally eradicate polio Bill Gates said Tuesday that the world must commit to wiping out the remaining cases of polio and finally eradicate the disease despite squeezed aid budgets and violence plaguing vaccination efforts.
27 марта 2013
WHO says polio fight critical despite attacks The head of the World Health Organization's polio drive said Friday it was crucial to push on with the fight to eradicate the disease despite a rising death toll among vaccination workers.
01 марта 2013
©RIA Novosti Kazakhstan to start using new flu vaccine in 2014 A new highly effective flu vaccine will be used in Kazakhstan starting from next year.
28 февраля 2013
Gunmen kill 10 in attacks on Nigeria polio clinics Gunmen killed at least 10 people in horrifying attacks on two Nigerian polio clinics on Friday that dealt a new blow to the campaign to wipe out the disease.
09 февраля 2013
©RIA Novosti Kazakhstan purchased 800 thousand doses of flu vaccine Kazakhstan Healthcare Ministry is launching a large scale immunization campaign against influenza on October 1.
17 сентября 2012
©REUTERS Mexico to vaccinate 10 million birds in flu outbreak Mexico will start vaccinating some 10 million poultry Thursday against the highly contagious bird flu strain that has already led to the deaths of five million birds which either fell ill or were slaughtered.
27 июля 2012
©RIA Novosti Flu epidemy expected in Kazakhstan in December Kazakhstan expects to be hit by a surge of ARVI diseases in October and flu epidemy in December.
28 сентября 2011
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