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28.03.2016 14:07 Cinema, Music
De Niro offs a documentary by a former British medical researcher about a link between vaccines and autism from Tribeca Film Festival.
29.04.2015 00:13 Health
Chief Kazakh Sanitary Doctor and Vice-Minister of Health and Social Development declare preliminary causes of the negative reactions to the measles vaccination conducted in February.
25.02.2015 22:57 Health
Authorities in Kazakhstan and the WHO disagree on the safety of measles vaccination.
24.02.2015 21:00 Health
Vaccination against measles in Kazakhstan went terribly wrong when dozens of teenagers were hospitalized in fever and unconscious to local hospitals.
27.09.2014 12:13 Health
The International Monetary Fund fast-tracked $130 million in aid to fight the Ebola epidemic.
13.09.2014 13:10 Health
The worst-ever Ebola outbreak has killed more than 2,400 people, as Cuba pledged the largest foreign medical team.
09.09.2014 13:36 Health
Sierra Leone announced plans to visit every home in the country of six million to track down people with Ebola and remove dead bodies.
08.09.2014 14:59 Health
Heavily pregnant when she died, Fatimah Jakemah is lifted unceremoniously by experts in biohazard suits and zipped into a body bag.
02.09.2014 22:32 Disasters
Travel restrictions could worsen West Africa's Ebola epidemic, limiting medical and food supplies and keeping out much-needed doctors.
28.08.2014 10:29 Emergencies
The three nations at the centre of the west African Ebola outbreak were left isolated as more airlines suspended flights to the crisis zone.
27.08.2014 11:24 Education
Nigeria said that resumption of classes in all public and private schools will be delayed by a month to put in place "preventive measures".
20.08.2014 12:49 Health
Some Air France flight crews are refusing to board planes bound for Guinea, Sierra Leone and Nigeria over fears of the Ebola outbreak.
18.08.2014 12:59 Health
Seventeen Ebola patients in Liberia who fled from a guarantine centre after it was attacked by club-wielding youths were missing.
15.08.2014 14:42 Health
The World Health Organisation said the magnitude of the Ebola epidemic in West Africa has been "vastly" underestimated .
15.08.2014 10:34 Health
A candidate vaccine against the joint disease chikungunya showed promise by provoking an immune response in human trials.
11.08.2014 14:00 Health
Rwanda has placed a German student with Ebola-like symptoms in isolation, checking for the deadly tropical disease.
09.08.2014 11:18 Health
Nigeria became the latest country to declare a national emergency over the deadly Ebola virus.
08.08.2014 11:52 Health
States of emergency were in effect across overwhelmed west African nations Friday with the death toll from the Ebola epidemic nearing 1,000.
21.06.2014 13:25 Health
The mosquito-born chikungunya virus is spreading into Central America, health authorities there say, after outbreaks in several Caribbean nations.
07.05.2014 01:25 Health
Pakistan will set up mandatory polio immunisation points at its international airports in response to recommendations by the World Health Organisation, the health ministry said.
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