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© New study: 40 percent of cancers can be prevented - A new study from the American Cancer Society (ACS) has revealed that up to 40 percent of cancer cases and deaths among adults
17 июля 2024
De Niro yanks anti-vaccine documentary from film fest De Niro offs a documentary by a former British medical researcher about a link between vaccines and autism from Tribeca Film Festival.
28 марта 2016
©REUTERS Possible causes of negative reactions to measles vaccination Chief Kazakh Sanitary Doctor and Vice-Minister of Health and Social Development declare preliminary causes of the negative reactions to the measles vaccination conducted in February.
29 апреля 2015
©REUTERS Measles vaccination in Kazakhstan: safe or not? Authorities in Kazakhstan and the WHO disagree on the safety of measles vaccination.
25 февраля 2015
©RIA Novosti Vaccination against measles in Kazakhstan puts teenagers into hospital beds Vaccination against measles in Kazakhstan went terribly wrong when dozens of teenagers were hospitalized in fever and unconscious to local hospitals.
24 февраля 2015
IMF unblocks cash as desperate west Africa awaits Ebola aid The International Monetary Fund fast-tracked $130 million in aid to fight the Ebola epidemic.
27 сентября 2014
Ebola toll hits 2,400 as Cuba pledges medics The worst-ever Ebola outbreak has killed more than 2,400 people, as Cuba pledged the largest foreign medical team.
13 сентября 2014
Sierra Leone to visit every home to track down Ebola dead Sierra Leone announced plans to visit every home in the country of six million to track down people with Ebola and remove dead bodies.
09 сентября 2014
Liberia's Ebola disposal teams preserve life after death Heavily pregnant when she died, Fatimah Jakemah is lifted unceremoniously by experts in biohazard suits and zipped into a body bag.
08 сентября 2014
Travel restrictions could worsen Ebola crisis: experts Travel restrictions could worsen West Africa's Ebola epidemic, limiting medical and food supplies and keeping out much-needed doctors.
02 сентября 2014
Ebola zone countries isolated as airlines stop flights The three nations at the centre of the west African Ebola outbreak were left isolated as more airlines suspended flights to the crisis zone.
28 августа 2014
Nigeria delays start of school year over Ebola virus Nigeria said that resumption of classes in all public and private schools will be delayed by a month to put in place "preventive measures".
27 августа 2014
Air France staff refuse to fly to Ebola-hit nations Some Air France flight crews are refusing to board planes bound for Guinea, Sierra Leone and Nigeria over fears of the Ebola outbreak.
20 августа 2014
Infected Ebola patients flee after attack on Liberia clinic Seventeen Ebola patients in Liberia who fled from a guarantine centre after it was attacked by club-wielding youths were missing.
18 августа 2014
Evidence that Ebola outbreak 'vastly' underestimated: WHO The World Health Organisation said the magnitude of the Ebola epidemic in West Africa has been "vastly" underestimated .
15 августа 2014
Chikungunya test vaccine shows promise: makers A candidate vaccine against the joint disease chikungunya showed promise by provoking an immune response in human trials.
15 августа 2014
Rwanda tests possible Ebola case: health ministry Rwanda has placed a German student with Ebola-like symptoms in isolation, checking for the deadly tropical disease.
11 августа 2014
WHO declares Ebola epidemic a global emergency Nigeria became the latest country to declare a national emergency over the deadly Ebola virus.
09 августа 2014
Ebola sparks states of emergency across west Africa States of emergency were in effect across overwhelmed west African nations Friday with the death toll from the Ebola epidemic nearing 1,000.
08 августа 2014
Chikungunya virus spreads from Caribbean to C. America The mosquito-born chikungunya virus is spreading into Central America, health authorities there say, after outbreaks in several Caribbean nations.
21 июня 2014

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