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18.08.2016 15:27 Markets
France's unemployment rate dropped below 10 percent for the first time since 2012.
13.08.2015 18:34 Companies
Kazakh-Chinese oil company Velikaya Stena in Aktobe in Kazakhstan's west is laying off many workers.
14.07.2015 05:09 Finance
Kazakhstan ended up in the 10 World’s Worst Performers in Economy compiled by Bloomberg.
07.11.2014 15:39 Finance
Unemployment and rising income inequality will top concerns for global leaders in 2015, a World Economic Forum (WEF) study said.
25.10.2014 15:33 Markets
Unemployment in France hit a new record in September, with official statistics published showing 3.43 million people claimed jobless benefits.
03.10.2014 11:18 Finance
IMF chief warned that the global economy could be sinking into a prolonged period of "mediocre" growth.
05.09.2014 13:24 Politics
Confidence in embattled French President Francois Hollande has plunged to a new all-time low of 13 percent.
03.09.2014 14:44 Politics
More than a quarter of Japan's new cabinet will be female.
28.08.2014 15:10 Finance
Unemployment in Germany stagnated in August, as clouds continue to build over Europe's biggest economy.
04.05.2014 11:19 Markets
The US economy pumped out 288,000 jobs in April, the highest pace in over two years, in a fresh confirmation that growth has resumed after a harsh winter freeze.
16.03.2014 18:14 Industry, Infrastructure
Employees of the Ekibastuz-based PromMashKomplekt plant can lose their jobs.
30.12.2013 14:03 Finance
France's top court Sunday approved a proposal for companies to pay 75 percent tax on annual salaries exceeding one million euros in line with President Francois Hollande's drive to limit executive pay at a time of economic hardship.
15.12.2013 12:54 Finance
Is Europe on the verge of a popular uprising? The question was asked by one of Greece's most respected newspapers as another year of painful austerity drew to a close.
13.12.2013 10:25 Crime
When Ethiopia started repatriating its citizens living illegally in Saudi Arabia last month, 30,000 people were expected to return.
12.12.2013 13:46 Finance
Ireland will receive plaudits this weekend when it exits its financial bailout but advocacy groups warn that the most vulnerable in society will still suffer from lingering austerity measures.
07.12.2013 12:58 Markets
The US jobless rate fell sharply to 7.0 percent in November, a five-year low, raising the odds Friday that the Federal Reserve could soon cut its huge stimulus program.
27.11.2013 13:40 Markets
The current baby boom in Kazakhstan may entail unemployment after 2020: Vice PM Erbol Orynbayev.
04.10.2013 10:47 Markets
Spain's government sees light at the end of the tunnel with the end to a two-year recession but analysts warn joblessness will continue to weigh down the eurozone's fourth-largest economy.
30.09.2013 18:18 Markets
Britons who are out of work for several years will be required to work full-time on community projects to receive state unemployment payments.
18.08.2013 12:41 Cinema, Music
Thousands of Spaniards are queueing up to play the role of slaves in film-maker Ridley Scott's Biblical epic "Exodus", hoping for a way out of unemployment.
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