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14.09.2016 17:54 Auto
Uber has been testing its self-driving cars in Pittsburgh.
22.08.2016 16:03 Laws, Initiatives
Police in Bangkok announced a crackdown against Thai drivers playing Pokemon Go.
25.07.2016 15:12 People
British holidaymakers spent hours sweating in their cars as 15-hour queues snaked back from the port of Dover on Sunday.
28.04.2015 00:55 Industry, Infrastructure
Central streets of Almaty will turn into pedestrian zones in 2016.
28.03.2014 12:49 Politics
President Nazarbayev has discussed key aspects of development of Almaty.
27.02.2014 11:45 Science, Technologies
Can giant robots with a deep voice and massive arms be the answer to easing traffic chaos in the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo?
28.11.2013 15:09 Industry, Infrastructure
Kazakhstan President Nazarbayev believes that Light Rail Transport project by French Alstom is overly expensive for Astana, so the city will get a bus rapid transit network instead.
25.11.2013 19:29 Industry, Infrastructure
Almaty city will become a more people-friendly place: conditions for pedestrians and bicycle traffic will be improved.
25.04.2013 13:19 Industry, Infrastructure
Former model-turned-business mogul Cozete Gomes owns eight companies and does not really have time to be stuck in Sao Paulo's epic traffic jams.
02.04.2013 13:24 Industry, Infrastructure
Almaty administration has reported that normal load on the city's main roads is exceeded 10-fold or more.
20.03.2013 19:15 Strange News
A helicopter was driving down Suyunbai street in Almaty in the morning on March 19.
25.02.2013 11:33 Industry, Infrastructure
The traffic lights on road intersections will be changing signals sequentially, i.e. after an interim time interval, the way it is done in Western countries.
10.02.2013 18:13 Auto
Police officers have been placed in very overloaded street to ensure non-stop movement of the traffic.
03.12.2012 10:53 People
Russian officials struggled on Sunday to contain a monster highway traffic jam sparked by heavy snowfall that left many drivers stuck for days.
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