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Testing the driverless Uber -- first nerves, and then acceptance Uber has been testing its self-driving cars in Pittsburgh.
14 сентября 2016
Pokemon's a no-go on Bangkok's roads Police in Bangkok announced a crackdown against Thai drivers playing Pokemon Go.
22 августа 2016
15-hour mega jam in UK as France ups border checks British holidaymakers spent hours sweating in their cars as 15-hour queues snaked back from the port of Dover on Sunday.
25 июля 2016
Photo © Yaroslav Radlovsky Eco-friendly Almaty: re-orientation towards pedestrian zones in 2016 Central streets of Almaty will turn into pedestrian zones in 2016.
28 апреля 2015
Illustration© Nazarbayev on crime rates, urban planning and traffic in Almaty President Nazarbayev has discussed key aspects of development of Almaty.
28 марта 2014
Kinshasa co-op hopes to conquer the world with traffic robots Can giant robots with a deep voice and massive arms be the answer to easing traffic chaos in the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo?
27 февраля 2014
 Light Rail Transport (LRT). Photo courtesy of No Light Rail Transport for Astana Kazakhstan President Nazarbayev believes that Light Rail Transport project by French Alstom is overly expensive for Astana, so the city will get a bus rapid transit network instead.
28 ноября 2013
Ian Gale. © Almaty city to become more people-friendly Almaty city will become a more people-friendly place: conditions for pedestrians and bicycle traffic will be improved.
25 ноября 2013
©REUTERS Sao Paulo rich use choppers to beat traffic jams Former model-turned-business mogul Cozete Gomes owns eight companies and does not really have time to be stuck in Sao Paulo's epic traffic jams.
25 апреля 2013 stock photo Load on Almaty main roads exceeded 10-fold Almaty administration has reported that normal load on the city's main roads is exceeded 10-fold or more.
02 апреля 2013
Photo courtesy of Facebook personal page of Margarita Mamoshkina© Helicopter creates traffic jam in Almaty A helicopter was driving down Suyunbai street in Almaty in the morning on March 19.
20 марта 2013
©RIA Novosti Kazakhstan to launch European-style traffic lights The traffic lights on road intersections will be changing signals sequentially, i.e. after an interim time interval, the way it is done in Western countries.
25 февраля 2013
Eastern Bypass Road in Almaty. Photo by Yaroslav Radlovskiy© Alternative routes to unload Eastern Bypass Road in Almaty Police officers have been placed in very overloaded street to ensure non-stop movement of the traffic.
10 февраля 2013
©REUTERS Russian drivers stuck for days in traffic jam Russian officials struggled on Sunday to contain a monster highway traffic jam sparked by heavy snowfall that left many drivers stuck for days.
03 декабря 2012
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