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23.09.2016 14:27 Politics
76-year-old Nazarbayev is now the last surviving Soviet-era leader to still be in charge of one of the countries that emerged from the USSR.
13.01.2013 19:14 Politics
Prince William and his wife Catherine's baby will not be born until the summer, but changes to the rules of succession that would fundamentally affect its life are causing disquiet in the British establishment.
03.01.2013 16:15 Politics
North Korea's next dynastic succession may have been secured, with new TV images of leader Kim Jong-Un's wife suggesting that Pyongyang's first lady recently gave birth.
01.12.2011 14:33 Politics
The successor of Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev will not have as much power as Nazarbayev does: Advisor to the President.
29.11.2011 13:28 Politics
Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev is not planning to leave his post yet: Biographer Aitken.
17.10.2011 18:42 Politics
Russia is already thinking of longtermness of Kazakhstan’s presence in the Customs Union: Political Analyst.
07.09.2011 14:50 Kazakhstan
President is in a good shape. May God bless him with health. As for me, I have never been involved in politics, nor do I belong to any political parties: Timur Kulibayev.
27.07.2011 02:48 Kazakhstan
I made no statements. I am not in a position to make statements. I was just giving an interview: Yertysbayev.
25.07.2011 18:52 Kazakhstan
Maksut Narikbayev said that Timur Kilibayev can become a successor of incumbent President Nursultan Nazarbayev.