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21.02.2014 20:29 Emergencies
1.5 tons of sulfuric acid have spilled in southern Kazakhstan.
04.02.2014 09:53 Emergencies
South Korea's coastguard said Monday it would take at least two weeks to clean up the shoreline fouled by an oil spill off the southwestern port of Yeosu.
26.12.2013 16:55 Markets
In its Development Strategy, KazMunaiGas has set an optimistic target to produce 15 million tons of oil from the Kashagan field in 2022.
22.11.2013 17:04 Emergencies
The authorities have made a statement on the magnitude of the explosion near Aktau: the petroleum spill has covered 3480 square meters.
06.11.2013 13:45 Environment
NCPOC has rented an ecological base for oil spills response at the Caspian Sea.
14.09.2013 12:38 Companies
US energy giant Chevron and Swiss-based rig operator Transocean signed a deal with Brazilian prosecutors on Friday to settle lawsuits over an oil spill off the coast of Rio de Janeiro.
11.08.2013 14:31 Environment
Philippine authorities said they were working Saturday to contain a huge diesel spill that shut down parts of Manila Bay's vital fishing industry.
10.08.2013 10:00 Environment
A diesel oil spill spread a large reddish stain over Manila Bay in the Philippines' capital on Friday, posing potential health and environmental hazards.
30.07.2013 11:08 Industry, Infrastructure
Colombia's largest oil pipeline was hit by an explosion causing a significant oil spill in an attack blamed on leftist guerrillas.
13.06.2013 20:17 Emergencies
Large-scale oil spills at Kashagan can only be eliminated by the British company that worked on spills in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska.
06.06.2013 19:54 Disasters
An oil spill of 600 square meters was discovered near an abandoned well at Saryshagul-4 section in Kurmangazy region.
10.04.2013 10:25 Companies
Chevron was given the green light to resume oil exploration in Brazil following a massive 2011 spill which led to the US oil giant halting its activities.
05.04.2013 15:15 Emergencies
Three tons of engine oil spilled on the road in southern Kazakhstan in an accident with a KamAZ.
26.02.2013 11:41 Companies
The US government accused BP of letting greed triumph over safety Monday in the opening arguments of a multi-billion dollar trial over the devastating 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill.
21.12.2012 17:46 Emergencies
Oil spilled from Gran-Martyshi pipeline in Issatai region of Kazakhstan’s Atyrau oblast.
30.09.2012 14:59 Companies
US oil firm Chevron has paid a $17.5 million fine for a major spill off Rio de Janeiro state last year, Brazilian authorities said Thursday.
09.04.2012 18:56 Emergencies
Emergency Situations Department’s experts and police are searching for the origin of the mercury spot in Ust-Kamenogorsk.
04.03.2012 11:41 Crime
BP said Friday it reached a $7.8 billion deal to settle claims from fishermen and other private claimants affected by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill ahead of the start of a blockbuster US trial.
14.09.2011 17:49 Emergencies
A pipeline rupture caused a 200 cub.m oil spill in the area of 1,000 sq.m.
03.05.2011 15:11 Kazakhstan
5 tons of sulphuric acid spilled close to Yenbekshi village of Kyzylorda oblast.