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Foreign aid required to eliminate major oil spills at Kashagan 13 июня 2013, 20:17

Large-scale oil spills at Kashagan can only be eliminated by the British company that worked on spills in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska.
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Photo courtesy of kazenergy.com Photo courtesy of kazenergy.com
Only the British company that eliminated spills in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska can eliminate large-scale oil spill at Kashagan at the Caspian sea, 24.kz reports. Foreign rescuers will be able to arrive to Atyrau from Great Britain in less than a day in case of the third level emergency. Second-level emergency situations can be eliminated by local rescue teams. Skills of Kazakhstan rescuers were checked during Kashagan-2013 drill at the Caspian Sea. The drill was participated by Kazakhstan Emergency Situation Ministry’s team, state authorities and oil companies (Oil Spil Response ltd., NCOC, Аgip KCO, NCPOC). The drill's scenario involved an explosion of associated gas at Island D - the largest artificial island at Kashagan from which oil is transported to the shoreline. The explosion destroyed the islands supports and damaged the pipeline and the oil started spilling into the sea. In the beginning of the rescue operation people are evacuated by ships and helicopters. Then the rescuers eliminate the gasboil and then the oil spill qualified as a second-level sized one. Ships install a barriers to stop the spread of the spill on the surface of the sea. The operation involves four ships. They can cruise the Caspian Sea when the water freezes up as well. “We have checked on the work of the teams that have proved today that they are ready for elimination of a second-level oil spill,” Kazakhstan Vice-Minister of Emergency Situations Zhanbolat Smailov said.

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