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14.05.2015 08:25 Internet
Kazakhstan has been ranked 58th in Net Index, which compares and ranks the broadband Internet speed and mobile download speeds around the globe.
07.10.2012 15:20 People
US organizers of an Austrian daredevil's record-breaking attempt to jump from the edge of space have delayed the mission by a day due to forecast wind, they said Friday.
29.09.2012 18:25 Crime
A high-speed chase turned ugly for Fox News on Friday when it televised -- live -- a fleeing carjacking suspect shooting himself in the head in the Arizona desert.
08.07.2012 11:12 Crime
Teen heartthrob singer Justin Bieber was pulled over and cited for speeding "like a maniac" to shake off paparazzi Friday near Los Angeles.
27.01.2012 16:54 Industry, Infrastructure
The speed limit at Big Almaty Ring Road will be set at 110-120 km/h.
05.12.2011 18:02 Internet
Kazakhstan was ranked 72nd in the rating of the countries with highest Internet speed, being ahead of Italy, Argentina and Cyprus.
03.08.2011 18:08 Internet
Monthly pay for Megaline/iD Net Turbo, Turbo Plus, Turbo Light tariff plans lowered from 5845 tenge ($40) to 4600 tenge ($31).
28.07.2011 13:18 Sport
Valentin Iglinskiy speeding at over 200 km/h was arrested by Nice police. His blood test showed excess alcohol content.
22.06.2011 19:54 Internet
Key Kazakhstan provider KazakhTelecom will double Internet speed starting from July 1.
10.06.2011 17:20 Kazakhstan
Chairman of KazakhTelecom told about the company's plans to increase quality of Internet services in Kazakhstan.
10.06.2011 12:44 Internet
Hi-speed Internet will cover the whole territory of Kazakhstan by 2015 with 100 Mbit/sec speed in the cities and 20 Mbit/sec in the villages.