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Kazakhstan ranks 58th in broadband Internet speed ranking

©Tengrinews.kz ©Tengrinews.kz

Kazakhstan has been ranked 58th in Net Index, which compares and ranks the broadband Internet speed and mobile download speeds around the globe, Tengrinews reports.

Since the beginning of this year, Kazakhstan managed to improve its position in the ranking, and it now holds the 58th line with broadband internet speed estimated at 18.41 Mbps on average in the country, while the average speed around the world is 23.2 Mbps.

Among Kazakhstan’s cities, Karaganda, Almaty and Astana are the top ones, where people may surf the Internet at 21.58, 18.48 and 16.81 Mbps respectively.

Kazakhstan outstripped Australia, Italy and Greece in the ranking, where the Internet speed, on average, is 29.43 Mbps, while among the CIS countries Kazakhstan is second after Russia, which holds the 37th line.

The leaders of this ranking are Singapore with 123.34 Mbps, Hong Kong with 101.9 Mbps and Japan, 81.49 Mbps. The lowest speed was recorded in Cuba (1.49 Mbps), Niger (1.32 Mbps) and Equatorial Guinea (0.97 Mbps).

As for the mobile download speed, Kazakhstan occupies the 64th place with 8.77 Mbps, which is 1.1 Mbps higher than in the beginning of this year. The average speed around the world is 12.3 Mbps.

Among the CIS countries, Kazakhstan is behind Belarus and Azerbaijan, but ahead of Russia.

New Zealand (27.09 Mbps), China (26.95 Mpbs) and Latvia (26.76 Mpbs) hold the leading positions, while Sudan (1.99 Mbps), Vietnam (1.78 Mbps) and Ukraine (1.58 Mbps) are at the bottom of the ranking.

By Assel Satubaldina