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ALOS. Photo courtesy of New Japan satellite to survey disasters, rain forests Japan is scheduled to launch a new mapping satellite on Saturday that will be used to survey damage from natural disasters and changes affecting rain forests.
21 мая 2014
SpaceX's Dragon capsule.Photo courtesy of SpaceX supply capsule heads back to Earth The unmanned Dragon capsule from US firm SpaceX landed safely in the Pacific Ocean off Mexico's coast Sunday, hours after undocking from the International Space Station.
19 мая 2014
Proton-M launch. ©РИА Новости Proton-M crash causes no environmental damage to Kazakhstan: Kazkosmos The recent accident with the Russian Proton-M carrier rocket has not caused any damage to the environment of Kazakhstan.
18 мая 2014
©Reuters Russian Proton rocket falls back to Earth after liftoff A Russian Proton rocket carrying a European-built satellite fell back to Earth on Friday shortly after liftoff in the latest accident to hit the country's once-proud space industry.
16 мая 2014
Three astronauts land back on Earth in Soyuz capsule Three astronauts, including a Russian and an American, touched down safely on Earth Wednesday aboard a Soyuz capsule, the first such landing since Russia's relationship with the West slumped amid the Ukraine crisis.
14 мая 2014
© Reuters/Tarso Sarraf Ariane space ship wreckage confirmed to come from July launch, Kazakhstan off the hook BBC has contacted the UK Space Agency and Arianespace about the space ship wreckage found in Brazil on April 28.
04 мая 2014
Photo courtesy of Kazcosmos French Ariane ruins Kazakhstan's first surveillance satellite? The Atlantic has release a photo by Reuter's photograher Tarso Sarraf of a part of Ariane rocket lifted from a river somewhere in Brazil.
04 мая 2014
Photo courtesy of Kazcosmos Kazakhstan's KazEOSat-1 satellite launch delayed over ventilation problems KazEOSat-1 satellite was not been launched on schedule from the Kourou space centre in French Guiana.
29 апреля 2014
Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan to launch its first ever remote sensing satellite from Kourou April 29 2014 will be a busy year for KazKosmos National Space Agency as it plans for the first time ever to launch 3 space vehicles: one communications satellite and two remote sensing satellites, reported earlier.
23 апреля 2014
SpaceX launches Dragon capsule to ISS Private US firm SpaceX launched its unmanned Dragon capsule to the International Space Station on Friday, its third trip carrying supplies and equipment to the orbiting lab.
19 апреля 2014
Nazifa Baktybayeva. Photo courtesy of Sophomore students creating satellite in Kazakhstan A sophomore spacecraft inventor Nazifa Baktybayeva from Kazakhstan's Pavlodar is working on a real satellite.
14 апреля 2014
'Cherry tree from space' mystery baffles Japan A cosmic mystery is uniting monks and scientists in Japan after a cherry tree grown from a seed that orbited the Earth for eight months bloomed years earlier than expected -- and with very surprising flowers.
11 апреля 2014
Russian cargo ship docks to space station A Russian cargo ship has successfully docked with the International Space Station Thursday, bringing the crew crucial supplies and water, Russia's space agency said.
11 апреля 2014
Photo courtesy of New Israeli spy satellite enters orbit: defence ministry A new Israeli spy satellite entered orbit early Thursday, the defence ministry said, boosting the Jewish state's ability to monitor arch-foe Iran.
10 апреля 2014
Europe launches environment satellite Europe on Thursday launched the first in a constellation of hi-tech satellites designed to monitor Earth for climate change and environmental damage and help disaster relief operations.
04 апреля 2014
Russian spacecraft brings three-man crew to ISS after two-day delay A Russian spacecraft carrying a three-man Russian and US crew on Friday docked successfully at the International Space Station after an unprecedented two-day delay caused by a technical hitch.
28 марта 2014
Russian-US crew blast off for ISS from Kazakhstan A crew of two Russian cosmonauts and an American astronaut blasted off Tuesday from Kazakhstan on a Russian Soyuz rocket for the International Space Station, with US-Russia space cooperation pressing on despite the diplomatic standoff over Ukraine.
26 марта 2014
The preparation of Kazakhstan telecommunications satellite KazSat-3 at the testing and assembling division of Baikonur cosmodrome. ©RIA Novosti KazSat-3 satellite being readied for Baikonur Kazakhstan experts are accepting the telecommunications satellite KazSat-3 from Reshetnev Information Satellite Systems of Russia these days.
20 марта 2014
Kazakhstan to help NASA protect satellites from garbage Kazakhstan scientists want to study the problem of space garbage together with NASA.
18 марта 2014
©Reuters Space rock craze hits South Korea after meteor shower A corner of South Korea is in the grip of a frenzied hunt for valuable space souvenirs, following a rare meteor shower there last week.
18 марта 2014

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