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Kazakhstan to assemble and test space vehicles starting from 2016 08 сентября 2014, 16:08

Yousef Al Sheibani, Director of the Emirates Institution for Advanced Science and Technology (EIAST), is among those visiting space facilities in Kazakhstan.
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With the National Space Center in place, Kazakhstan plans to assemble and test space vehicles as early as by the end of 2016, Newskaz.ru reports, citing the Press Service of the Air and Space Committee within the country’s Ministry of Investments and Development.

The Press Service reports that the Chairman of the mentioned above Committee and Director General of Emirates Institution for Advanced Science and Technology (EIAST) signed the minutes of the meeting.

When inviting reps of EIAST to visit the National Space Center currently under construction, the acting President of Kazakhstan Garysh Sapary National Space Company Marat Nurguzhin emphasized that by the end of 2016 Kazakhstan’s specialists will be able to offer a range of services ranging from designing to assembling and testing space vehicles, the statement reads.

The delegation of EIAST reps visited the ground control center located in Akkol town in Akmola oblast designed to ensure smooth operation and control of KazSat series of satellites.

“The visit is aimed at not only studying the opportunities for cooperation, but to actual efforts to exchange experience and technology”, the statement quotes Yousef Al Sheibani , EIAST Director, as saying.

The sides expressed their interest in cooperating in satellite-assisted communications, earth remote sensing, construction of space vehicles and space exploration projects.


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