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Photo a courtesy of Samruk-Kazyna to sell KazKom stake for $433million The National Welfare Fund Samruk-Kazyna plans to raise $433 million by selling its stake in Kazkommertsbank.
28 февраля 2014
The Chairman of Board of Samruk-Kazyna Sovereign Wealth Fund Umirzak Shukeyev. © 80 Samruk-Kazyna companies may be privatized in 2014 Around 80 companies that are part of Kazakhstan's Samruk-Kazyna Sovereign Wealth Fund might be privatized in 2014.
27 февраля 2014
New CEO of the BTA Bank Marat Auezov. Photo© Yaroslav Radlovsky New CEO for BTA Bank appointed Magzhan Auezov, a Kazkommertsbank Member of the Board, has been appointed the new CEO of BTA Bank.
26 февраля 2014
Kenes Rakishev. Photo courtesy of Kenes Rakishev, new chairman of BTA Bank Board of Directors Kazakhstan businessman Kenes Rakishev has become the new chairman of Kazakhstan-based BTA Bank's Board of Directors.
17 февраля 2014
Uzakbai Karabalin. © Kazakhstan to announce bidding contests for geological exploration at 8-9 oil blocks this year Last year after a moratorium on geological exploration was lifted Kazakhstan held bidding contests for geological exploration at 3 oil blocks.
16 января 2014
Photo © Marat Abilov New Samruk Kazyna Directors Board approved The Kazakhstan government has approved the new Board of Directors of the National Welfare Fund Samruk-Kazyna.
10 января 2014
Stilframe from Cars 2 More Hollywood characters to speak Kazakh Six movies has been dubbed into Kazakh language so far.
02 января 2014
$800 million to be invested into second-tier banks by Baiterek Holding Baiterek Holding running the State Program of Accelerated Innovative and Industrial Development will channel $800mln into Kazakhstan banks.
31 декабря 2013
Photo courtesy of KazMunaiGas to complete feasibility study to construct 4th oil refinery Given the overhaul of the current 3 oil refineries, a new oil refinery may be needed only after 2025: Samruk-Kazyna Sovereign Wealth Fund Managing Director.
26 декабря 2013
©Yaroslav Radlovsky KazKom bank and billionaire Kenes Rakishev eyeing BTA Bank Kazakhstan-based Kazkommertsbank and businessman Kenes Rakishev might purchase BTA Bank.
24 декабря 2013
Photo a courtesy of Temirbank appoints new CEO The board of directors of Temirbank decided to terminate the CEO Murat Baisynov early.
20 декабря 2013
Bulat Utemuratov. Photo a courtesy of Billionaire Utemuratov buys two Kazakhstan banks Kazakh billionaire Bulat Utemuratov has finalized the deal to purchase Alliance Bank and Temirbank from Samruk-Kazyna Sovereign Wealth Fund.
13 декабря 2013
Yelena Bakhmutova. Photo © Yaroslav Radlovsky Temirbank and Alliance Bank sales: decision to be reached this year The decision on sale of Temirbank and Alliance Bank will be finalized by the end of the year.
04 декабря 2013
Halyk Bank renounces buying government’s stake in BTA Samruk-Kazyna made Halyk Bank an offer to purchase its stake in BTA March 27, 2013.
18 ноября 2013
Samruk-Kazyna plans to lay-off thousands of administrative personnel Samruk-Kazyna keeps on its effort to optimize the structure of its administrative pool of employees.
23 октября 2013
Balkhash Thermal Power Plant. Photo courtesy of New Kazakh-Korean Balkhash TPP to burn Ekibastuz coal Kazakhstan is getting year another coal fueled power plant, a South Korean-owned one this time.
18 сентября 2013
Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan negotiating gas supplies with Russia Kazakhstan is negotiating gas supplies to Astana with Russia.
18 сентября 2013
Construction of the new pipeline. ©RIA Novosti. Samruk-Kazyna halves capacity of Kartaly-Astana gas pipeline The number of users along the pipeline and regional networks are not large enough to consume this gas. That's why we had to slash the project from 6 to 3 billion cubic meters of gas: Bishimbayev.
05 сентября 2013
Yelena Bakhmutova. Photo by Yaroslav Radlovskiy© Yelena Bakhmutova elected chairman of KazPochta Deputy chairman of Samruk-Kazyna National Welfare Fund Yelena Bakhmutova was elected chairman of the board of KazPochta.
19 августа 2013
Photo courtesy of Samruk-Kazyna mulls cooperating with British companies Samruk-Kazyna National Welfare Fund’s group of companies has signed memorandums of cooperation with British businessmen.
04 июля 2013

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